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Mystery Christmas Card.

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It's here!


Every year we receive a Christmas card from a duo called Douggie and Janice.


We haven't the foggiest idea who they might be.:?


Careful questioning of relatives has thrown up nothing so they are not obscure cousins.


None of our children have friends with parents with those names.


Neither of us went to school/university or grew up near anyone with those name.


They are not colleagues.


They mystery amuses us each year!

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I got one from Liz yesterday?.....and pondered all day over it, then discovered that the Merry Christmas blurb printed in it (that I hadn't read) said 'thank you for a successful year with Kleeneeze' :lol: .

I've also had one addressed to my dad for the last 3 years - the chap that sends it was at his funeral :shock::lol:

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Oh...I see... :oops:


Nope...it is addressed to us...and has followed us on 2 house moves. They obviously are able to keep tabs on us somehow.


As they haven't had a card back from us in 25 years, you'd think they'd give up.


That's really amusing and :shock: . Based on your OH not recognising his cousin's name, I'm suspecting it could be on his side, but who knows. :wink: Old work colleague for one of you maybe?

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You've never met anyone on holiday by those names??? You're not on friends re united or anything?? Not the person who married you is it? just a thought. How wierd.




No I don't think we've met anyone with those names on hol.


I don't usually give my address to strangers anyway. The puzzle is how do they know that we moved 20 odd years ago as we have never known who they are to send them a change of address card. :?:lol:


The person who married us is dead, so its not him. :lol:

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