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Fashion V Function

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If anyone else out there is the parent of teenage girls,or boys for that matter,do you all find it a constant battle to get them to wear things that are functional,when they prefer fashionable?


My eldest,who is 14 isn't too bad. She favours a sort of geeky rock chick look anyhow, & wears trousers & lace up shoes to school,& jeans,music T's & cute little waistcoats out of school.


My youngest however is a nightmare :roll:

She wears shortish skirts to school with no tights,whatever the weather.

She won't entertain wearing her school sweatshirt unless its below 0oc, & now insists on wearing these silly ballet flats to school too :roll:

Not very practical for the walk up the hill to the school bus in the rain........

Apparantly only the worst sort of geek (ie,her sister) wears Clarkes shoes to school.

I have to shoehorn her into a coat,although she will wear a scarf & gloves.

She has also dyed her gorgeous coppery brown hair black :?


I know she is just expressing herself but I do worry about her skinny little bare legs in this weather!


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My two sons both refuse to wear school sweatshirsts, despite the fact it's still in the minuses when they leave for school in the morning, and have been seen outside playing football at night this week in football strips (short sleeves and SHORTS) when the temperature was -5. I've given up trying to get them to wear anything warmer - if they catch their death of cold, then it's their fault. Duncan especially should know better, given that he's prone to bouts of pnuemonia, but all the girlies come and watch them play football, and it wouldn't be the done thing to be seen playing football without the appropriate gear on.


Caitlin, on the other hand, is far more practical still, and as long as it's pink, she'd wear bin bag if i told her to. she turns five soon, so i doubt this attitude will last much longer!

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Aaahh those were the days!

Quite a few years ago... my mum used to insist on sensible Clarks shoes for school, I had one particular pair that I hated, so I used to change into

my nice shoes on the corner of our street :D

I'd put them on to walk a cross the fields home so I could get them muddy - got away with it for quite a while - until the day I lost the carrier bag with them in at school :lol:




Sorry Cinnamon no help whatsoever :roll:

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My eldest is 10 and wouldn't be seen dead in her school coat...

Most afternoons when she comes out, she'll be carrying the coat, no matter what the weather is, come rain or subzero temperatures, she strides out with a determined expression on her face, straight to the teacher at the gate, who invariably stops her and demands that she puts the coat on, which said daughter then does in a deliberately slow manner, sighing at every stage, then walks out of the school gate towards me, stops the moment she is out of the school, two steps from the teacher at the most, and then puts her bag down and, again deliberately slowly, takes the coat off... 8)

If any teacher asks me, I just tell them 'if she gets cold enough she'll put it on'... I like to pick my battles, and this one just doesn't seem worth fighting about... She has the coat, can be warm if she wants, so if she really needs it on she will put it on...


I remember a very painful experience the other way though, when I was roughly 14 or 15... it had snowed a bit, and my mum (with the best intentions I am sure) insisted that I wore snow boots to school... I was not very fashion conscious, but that was too much even for me... I was horrified and protested all I could, but she yelled and shouted until I put them on. And wait... they were not even my own snow boots, I didn't have any that still fitted, they were hers!!! The kind even my grandmother would have been ashamed to wear... My mum always wore 'older clothes', never pretty things, so the thought of having to wear any of her things, but especially her shoes, at the age of 14, felt like the ultimate nightmare... My own shoes were normal leather winter shoes, it's not like I wanted to go to school wearing sandals... I wonder if my mum still remembers that day too and what she thinks of it now...

I still promise myself never to make my kids wear anything that will make them feel THAT embarassed all day long...

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I remember my mother appearing at the school gates when I was about 14, after some particularly heavy snow, and presenting me with a pair of bright yellow wellies to put on, much to the sniggering delight of the lucious Callum Morton, whom I really fancied. I was mortified (yellow wellies, with draw-strings around the top aren't really my 'thing'), and it still makes me blush now when i think about it! :lol:

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I don't seem to teach a single girl who doesnt' wear those ballet pumps.


As for the skirts - in this school you get a good look at their behinds as you follow them up the stairs yet "Ooops, word censored!"ody cracks down on it but woe betide any kid who hasn't got their top button done up! Never mind their ties are halfway down their chests


In the school I used to teach at skirt lenght was always picked up - isolation if it wasn't long enough after being unrolled and top buttons didn't have to be done up but ties had to be neat.

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I got in trouble at school because of my skirt. I never rolled it up or anything I couldnt be bothered with how I looked at school, there were no fit lads there anyway :D. On my last term though one of the stricter teachers stopped me as he had been on a crackdown on school skirt lengths. I got given a detention. My Mum went in aand complained which isnt something she would normally do. She pointed out that I had grown a lot recently (I'm 5ft 11) and that she wasn't going to buy me a new skirt for one final term. He had to give in in the end. He didn't apologise to me though for not beliveing me when I said I hadnt taken it up.

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Its ridiculous at my girls school

The rules are supposed to be quite strict - no coloured scarves, skirts no shorter than 2 inches over the knee,black shoes,no boots,no patterned tights.

But some children just get away with wearing whatever they like :roll:


Cleos friend had a hair dying disaster last week when copper streaks came out pink, & she was made to stay in the language black for 2 days until she could get to a hairdresser. It wasn't even that pink :roll:

But other girls were parading around wearing teeny tiny little skating skirts & Ugg boots to school :roll::roll::roll:


Devon got told off for wearing a dark teal coloured coat the other week when the rules on uniform say any dark colour,but I went there & saw several girls in white puffa coats.

Drives me mad it does,as she now won't wear this very expensive very warm coat in the fear of being told off again :roll:



I blame 'Waterloo Road' for a lot of it 8)

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My girls are still at prep school, but in two years my oldest will start senior school... she is already moaning about the uniform there... the fact is at the prep school they have a choice to wear blue trousers if they want to, rather than the blue tartan skirt... My girl wouldn't be seen dead in a skirt (the trouble she gives me on 'formal' days like carol concert and foundation days, when the skirt is compulsory!!!), so she wants to have the option to wear trousers at the senior school too, which I understand is not allowed...


To some extent my daughter has a point... although I'm sure she is motivated by wanting her own way rather than rational reasoning, I can't see why teenage girls would have to wear skirts (and they're not long skirts, I understand many girls shorten them, but even the longest ones I see are still what I would call above the knee) if they feel uncomfortable about it...


This being said, I refused to wear a skirt or dress from age 11 to age about 19, so maybe I'm just sympathising with my daughter out of subjective compassion...

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It'll pass Cinnamon. :lol:


Hahahahaha Wouldnt count on it, Im 26 and still dress like that (okay so I tend to wear skinny fit jeans not skirts)


In a plus point at least the ballet pumps wont leave her with nasty bunions and crippled feet. So many kids seem to want to wear heals higher than I would even wear. I always find it horrible to see girls as young as 4/5 in 3 inch heels, they shouldnt even make them, its just wrong.


rant over

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Corned beef thighs are not attractive are they. :?


Thats the thing though there is no corned beef in sight.

These girls are 14 - 16,lisome,slender & gorgeous :roll:

I want to walk up to them & tell them to make the most of it as they will never look this good again in their lives :lol:


DM's are fab,& a lot of Cleos pals wear them,but she won't entertain the idea.

Not that they would look good with her skirts anyway :roll::lol:

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I used to wear DMs to school 8) (They were the only shoes that would last me all year so my parents took a shine to them :roll::lol: ).


I used to get told off for skirts being too short (always wore navy tights though) or too long, or wearing non blue/black socks with trousers, or having too many earrings, or not tucking my shirt in (not physically possible as I inherited a couple of my brothers shirts and if tucked in they would have peeked under the hem of the skirt...although I did sometimes look like I was walking around with just a shirt on :oops::lol: ), not having my top button done up.........


....I really couldn't have been accused of being fashionable, in fact I used to quite often borrow my Dad'd trousers if I couldn't find anything clean to wear - that was an 'interesting' look!


...aaaahhh, happy memories!!! :D:D:D

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Immi wears the ballet pumps too............. it's just a passing phase, it was Kickers last summer term :wink: . Her skirts are just above the knee but that's 'cos it's a school rule and all the girls seem to abide by it. She is far more interested in the fashion trends rather than function, not one to stand out from the crowd isn't my Immi, she'd prefer to wear the same as her friends, and, so far at any rate, I haven't had a problem with that. She does wear a coat generally, the current fashionable coat identical to the ones worn by at least 50% of the rest of the school.


Seb's dreadful, he wears a cotton shirt (short sleeved) and a blazer. School uniform permits a plain black sweater or sweatshirt as well, but he won't wear one, nor will he wear a coat. If I point out the lack of clothing on these bitterly cold mornings he tries to tell me that his tie counts as an extra layer :shock: . I've got bigger battles to fight, so if he wants to freeze then good luck to him :wink: . I make sure that he has the warm alternatives to wear if he wants, but at 16 he's old enough and resilient enough to make his own decisions regarding his clothing.

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What about her wearing some tights & knee length boots to keep her leggys warm. I'd say they were fashionable! She could even have some leg warmers ruched above her boots - very warm!

Young ones & coats - they don't seem to want to wear them! hows about her wearing a thermal t shirt under her school shirt?

If she's into the goth look - then long coats are the done thing - especially black. She can keep warm & be fashionable too! Would schools not accept crocs Alice shoes in black??? Sensible shoes!

YOu can get some nice tights these days - lovely patterned ones - suggest whilst out shopping with her!

Most young girls will dress as their friends do - they have to, to be included & fit in! It's a shame, but you have to let them do it! I was a hippy when I was at school, so our skirts were long!!!



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