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Up to my armpits in.............

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Well we have just had a lovely time unblocking the drains. :vom::vom::vom::vom::vom:


That has got to be my least favourite task in the world.


Both access pits were full to the brim and there was a nice puddle of stuff bubbling up into the front garden, lovely.


In fact I had such a nice time I unblocked nextdoors drains too.


I asked Cathy to park her car on the pavement at the end of the drive in order to block it off and stop passers by falling in the open manhole whilst I was clearing it. And at least five people squeezed by it tutting and then gave me a filthy look because I was performing a somewhat unsavoury task. :roll:


They didn't seem to appreciate the fact I was trying protect them from a potential shower of horribleness if the blockage cleared all of a sudden and there was a surge.


The smell would be enough to make any sensible person cross over the road.


Anyway I just thought I would share that with you, enjoy your lunch




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OH has had to do ours twice in the last 6 months - thankfully they are hidden behind the garden gate so "Ooops, word censored!"ody can see. People are just so rude though - what would they rather? Have it seeping down the road????


We had a burst water main on our front garden last Thursday. It was gushing everywhere and because it was so cold it created an ice rink in the close. Thankfully our neighbours (all 7 of them!) are fine (mostly - although we do get the tut-tutting from one set because OH has a little works van, and that really does lower the tone apparently). We were really worried it was on our boundary but when the water board came out it had missed us by inches. Phew! Promptly took out insurance though against these things bursting on our boundary.


Anyway - I hope you have washed your hands thoroughly before eating any Christmas left overs :lol::vom:

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OMG, that's brought back horrible memories of our holiday in Shetland two years ago. The only loo in the house got blocked and guess who had the job of unblocking it? You've got it :roll: . Luckily it was the best stocked holiday house ever and had heavy duty rubber gloves and drain unblocker fluid (what are the chances!?)


It took me a couple of hours but I managed it in the end. I was determined I wasn't going to the owners to tell them :oops: (even though they were lovely and very down-to-earth and, I'm sure, unshockable!)


The fact that it happened in a house that wasn't ours made it seem 100 times worse.

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Happens to us regularly,

The sewerage pumping station for the village is next to our driveway,& Thames Water :twisted::twisted::twisted: are a nightmare to deal with.

Its noisy,smelly & unsightly, & we have been trying to get them to move it for the past 6 years.

It blocks & floods about twice a year too, so they have had to come & clean up after it on several occassions...............hipefully this year they will do something about it.


My sympathies,Richard :roll:

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We had this happen not long after moving into our house. It certainly heped us get to know the neighbours :oops::oops:

The village (8 houses) shares the same septic tank and our pipe was filled with builders rubble and bricks! :evil::evil: .


A couple of bamboo canes, a hose pipe and some strong tape, a la Blue Peter, sorted the blockage! :!:


i made everyone a cuppa whilst the work was carried out! :lol::lol::lol:

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*touches wood* I haven't had any blocked drains, but Rosie's Dad has - apparently, the neighbours, who did some building work had cracked the drain on their side and it was backing up onto his property - not nice!


Sarah - next time it explodes, try explaining to them that you'll be making a claim against them next time it affects you.

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As I typed the above yesterday I was thinking that we haven't had any problems for ages.


Then,as I was sat here 20 minutes ago a big drain lorry turned up to flush out the drain in the road outside the house,which promptly backed up into the downstairs loo :roll:

Clean water only,luckily, & the chaps were very nice & apologetic,mopping up after themselves :roll:

It hasn't done my oak floors much good though :roll::roll::roll:

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