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No problem! I chuck the whole lot in - newspaper lining sheets, shredded paper, hemcore, bokashi bran (if I've used it) and the magic ingredient - POO :lol:


(Apparently another magic ingredient is wee :oops: - not sure if it's just of the male variety or not, but I occasionally get the OH to "water" the compost bin :wink: . Another edit: did you know that male wee is a fox deterrent too?!)

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Apparently another magic ingredient is wee


I think it does have to be male. Bob Flowerdew used to go on about it! When I was toilet training my two boys I emptied the potty in the compost bin when I remembered!


I've just been forking over my compost bin to try to make room for some more veggie peelings (turkey soup this time!) and the layer just below the top with hemcore, poo and newspaper was really steaming. In winters past, before chickens, my compost didn't seem to be working at all in the cold months.



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I got another compost bin from freecycle - not because I am overrun with poo :lol: but so I can have one bin "cooking" while I fill the other one up. I could also use the new bin to "turn" the compost in my original bin.


My freecycle bin is exactly the same as my other bin- which I paid about £20 for from the council 8)

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I can't believe how good our compost is. I put it down to the chicken poo which goes into the compost bin with the newspaper and shredded paper from the poo trays and the nest box.


Mind you, I'm not using shedded paper at the rate I used to. When I had just the two hens in the Eglu, one slept in the nest box and there was always poo in it - so I changed it every day or two.


Now I have seven in the Cube, none of them sleep in the nest box - so it doesn't get poo in it and doesn't need changing so often. I change it every week because I feel I ought to - but it doesn't get mucky, just all stamped down.


Georgie, in her own little homemade coop for one, still sleeps in her nest box and poos in it, so I still get that for the compost!

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