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Cabin Fever......

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.........had set in so I took wee Anna to New Lanark today. It's a fab place with loads to see and do (close to where Colin McCrae's helicopter came down :( ).




The Clyde was very angry today and the noise was deafening, with loads of spray.










The last pic is a new roof garden on top of one of the mills - a very modern contrast to the lovely old buildings.

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My now husband proposed up at Cora Linn! Then I returned every year to celebrate - not. It was picked as the place to go to finish the Primary Six topic on the Victorians, so I was accompanied by thirty three nine and ten year olds! Not romantic at all. Fantastic place for a school trip though!

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What a lovely photo, that brings back lovely memories - all those children! It really is spectacular, I think the colours at this time of year are great. When we got engaged, I thought we were just going down to New Lanark and left my inhaler in the car, needless to say after a wee jaunt up to the falls, I could just about squeeze out a yes and on the way back I was so breathless and dizzy. I'd like to put it down to the emotion of the day but I think full blown asthma might be more the case!

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