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Successful chicken Christmas present

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Bought a seed bell from Klondyke for my girls' Christmas and they loved it. They've only just finished it this morning so it's lasted well and it's so entertaining watching them trying to peck it when it's down to the last inch or two :lol: . They look like they're being hypnotised while they work out when to lunge with a peck!


(I did take some video :oops: but it would probably be a bit like watching other people's holiday video - not terribly exciting unless you were there :roll: .)


Anyway, for entertainment value/boredom busting - it was a hit :D .

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I bought three Johnson's little bird seed bells as a christmas present, I hung them up on Christmas eve after they had gone to bed :) by the time I went to let them out to freerange christmas day lunchtime all three bells had disappeared :shock: I happened to read the packaging from the bells and realised I had bought budgie seed bells :oops: so don't buy those because they disappear in 4 hours :roll::roll:



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I bought one like that recently for my girls, but it was stuck together with honey, perhaps you could try that next time instead of the suet, I posted a link a week or two ago. I never thought of having it hanging like that though Mine was fixed onto the side, it lasted the 6 of them a week. Will have to have it dangling free next time

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Was it a wild bird seed bell? I bought ours a peckablock and they have only shown a passing interest. At the rate they are eating it will last until next Christmas.


or mine and I bought 2 :roll:




I also bought two, thought it would save on postage costs. Next year they are getting socks!

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