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my sister and her OH are planning to live on a 26 foot Colvic yacht. It's her OH's birthday soon and we've already bought him a credit card sized gadget that has: a compass, a little led torch, a magnifying glass, a tin opener, bottle opener, screw driver, knife, ruler and spanner integrated into it but, as it was only £1.50 in the Asda sale, I want to get him something else.


Considering they have limited space aboard, what would you suggest? Any sailors on here? What would you consider de rigeur for life on board?

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my FIL has a big yacht and we bought him for xmas one of those hand held multimedia things it holds 80,000 photos and four films, they can also be used to listen to music and the radio and watch tv and films. the screen comes in a variety of sizes but the one we got it fits in his pocket.

it was like this one but smaller



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what about this i bought one for someone this xmas and now its really cheap in the sale


they probably will not want to take loads of real photos with them but this will mean thay can look at there favourite ones when they are away.


i am tempted to get one myself to put in my handbag :twisted:

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thanks for the suggestions so far but they really do have limited space so I want to get them something essential rather than a luxury. I might have a scout around the local camping shop or even B&Q.


I think a rechargeable lantern might be a good idea or something waterproof!? :lol:

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the only thing with this is if they are already seriously considering living on a yacht they have I would have thought they would have some sailing experience anyway and you may be teaching Grandma to suck eggs.




he was admiring DH's lantern (which he uses to lock up the run/coop at night) so might get him something like that.

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or a box of flares?! (and I dont mean groovy trousers!) :wink:


flares cost a fortune. I mean at least £10 per single use falre and thats just for the basic ones that are used by dinghys etc.

Lantern sound sliek a good idea to me. You can never have enough lanterns and torches and if he was admiring it.....


I'm excited Dh is off to the boast show with his dad next week for all the auxilleries for their boat. He'll also be advising him on which sailing dinghy to get so that means we can teach our children to sail :D

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they're busy restoring the boat at the moment and we went to the yacht club the other day to see it. It was a friendly place and the other boat owners seem to be helping them out with things, seems like a friendly community.


Here's a cple of pics anyway, of them and the boat and where she'll be moored. They do plan on sailing her too, not just living on her.


I'm looking forward to a cruise up The Mersey in the summer :D


I quite fancy going to a boat show at some point.


They're painting her black and calling her 'Raven'.


Did you see Griff Rhys Jones' yacht on TV the other night? That was a beauty.





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