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Has anyone here had the horrible bug?

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DH and I had it in mid November, we were both hit with it within 2 hours of each other, we had the most terrible terrible D&V.


It's just by sheer luck we didn't both need to use the bathroom at the same time! I was sitting on the loo at one stage and hurling into the sink at the same time.


It lasted about 48 hours and then we were both fine. The weirdest bug I've ever had, we caught it from our niece. We think it was because we were in the same room at the time she was having her nappy changed :vom:


I feel so sorry for anyone who has it, it literally does seem to be doing the rounds!


I had to ask my dad to go the chemist and get us some diacalm and diaorelite(sp?) you know, the rehydration stuff. We made him leave it on the doorstep as we didn't want him to catch it!


We should have put a sign on the door, 'unclean' and rung a bell! :shock:

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I had it at the end of November, as did the boys and chookiehubbie - Caitlin avoided it, as she seems to have the constitution of an ox! I ended up in the hospital on a drip overnight, while they kept an eye on the baby. Not a pleasant thing to have.

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We've had it off and on since mid November, at the school that my little ones go to it just keeps going round and round! Hopefully having had the Xmas break it'll be gone now but I doubt it!


On top of that my smallest son caught Crypto sporidium (sp!) at the same time, which is a waterborne parasite that forms cysts on the gut and had diahorrea for a month, he is rid of it now but it has left him lactose intolerant - poor little fella.


The local health authority doctor contacted us to try to work out where he caught it ( we were worried it might be the chooks but they can't-phew!) and we got talking about the norovirus and she said the only thing that helps to kill it is bleach- she advised all flat surfaces ie doorhandles etc. Having said that she also agreed that it's healthier to have it and help build up immunity that to erradicate all germs ( although it mutates which is why you can get it more than once).


SO if anyone is suffering at the mo apparently it's doing you good!! Hard to believe! You certainly have my sympathies!

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i think ive had it :(


felt really quite weird for a day, then had some pretty spectacular projectile vomiting (got the loo from the side of the bath :shock: )


then spent the evening with the most spectacular headache possible, (even contemplated changing my head at one point :shock::lol: )


anyway, the following day, felt weak and watery but no more vomiting (thank god)


kev went out (typical :lol::lol: ) didnt want to get my "lurgy"


it was - as they say - short and to the point.


as far as I can tell, it was the one in the news, but I didnt go to the docs (dont like them - they tell you that you are ill :shock: )


hope that no one else gets anything nasty




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