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My buff orpington cockerel, who i have renamed fred, has found a home. im taking him there tomorrow, its quite a drive but its worth it to know hes going to a nice home with free ranging and lots of other chooks to talk to.


the lady also said shell give me a hen in return which is a good result as i only wanted him to go somewhere nice and i was a bit worried that cleo would get lonely by herself.


:) feeling chipper :)

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just got back with my cute little new hen called pudding, she was getting a bit pecked by cleobless her but i think cleo just likes having someone to boss around for once. especially after being quished by fred.


also the people were very lovely and said fred has 5 acres to roam and a whole group of girlies to himself. so i know hell be very happy there. :D


and the run is all built now poet, sorry i forgot to say about the final producct. the banties live in there and it is securely surrounded by paving so theyre safe and cleo and pudding have the eglu.


And it turns out my ducks are breeding, i was sure i had 2 boys becuase of the lack of eggs but theyre laying about one a day and weve seen them mating so maybe we will have du cklings soon.


Everythings going well at the moment so i hope it stays this way. ^_^

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