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Anyone like me...Untidy but clean!!

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Right the Anthea programme raised an issue in our house last night. I am thorougly clean, not using chemicals though :shock: I LIKE CLEANING :oops: But I am untidy



The pug has also become more untidy after years with me. Now I'm not talking ridiculous amounts of mess here but leave stuff around and then have a mad panic if we have visitors and have big clear ups to then find I get in a mess again :? .


I am going to tidy up once more and then set about making myself keep things in a place but need to get the pug, who was very tyidy, to start to get back on track.


Anyone share this problem.



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It all sounds very industrious Buffie, I'm impressed :D

I would be very clean & tidy if I didn't have 2 children and a husband who are absolute disasters in the tidying up department. Hubby is the worst- he never puts anything away, ever, and then is suprised when he loses things. I get so frustrated with him stomping about the place hunting for something that would have been very easy to find, if only he'd put it away after the last time he used it.

Generally I don't mind cleaning, but I seem to spend so much time tidying up after everyone else before I can find the surface that I'm meant to be cleanng that I get really bad tempered about it. And then I dedicate a full day to housework, by the time the children come home from school the house is gleaming, by the time they go to bed you can barely see what I've spent all day doing :shock:

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OH is the tidiest person I know and children keep their mess to their bedrooms mostly.


A few years ago OH complained that I spent too much time doing housework :shock: so I went on strike 8) and I am still on strike 8) At the time I was working 50 plus hours a week as a registered childminder caring for my 2 children and up to 7 others (not all at the same time) so the hygiene standards had to be good and rooms had to be tidy at the end of the day. To say that I was a bit miffed at his complaining was an understatement.


I gave up the childminding and got a job outside the home. Now OH does practically all the housework. He works shifts so the housework is usually done when I get in from work.


I do some housework, I love to do the ironing and if the carpets need a vaccuum I will do that as well, I wouldn't leave it for OH to do when he gets in from work. We share the cooking.


OH didn't realise that housework has to be done, he does now :!: Last week I came in from work to find him on his hands and knees cleaning the kitchen floor with a cloth, he said he gets a better finish using a cloth :shock: We have a perfectly good mop and bucket he could have used.


Maybe I should complain that he does too much housework.......nah, he might go on strike :lol:


My OH is one in a million :D He should just learn to think before he opens his mouth as it may lead to all sorts of trouble :wink:

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I have to try not to be too tidy :? - I used to have OCD and it took a long time to sort out. I'm still a bit "don't step on the mat" and "don't sit on that cushion" and "don't touch the curtains" but nowhere near as bad as I was.

Carl does most of the cooking - I cope by staying out of the kitchen - completely. We eat late and I don't go in the kitchen until next morning, by which time Carl will have cleared up and loaded/unloaded the dishwasher - in his own time :D

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I am tidy & clean,but not too obsessive I hope :?


I hate it when people leave a mess after them.......papers left open on the table,knickers on the floor,dog food on the kitchen side...it all drives me MAD!!!!!


I make sure the girls (who are 11 & 13) tidy thier own rooms once a week,including hoovering them.

I think at their ages they should be responsible for their own space.


The Man is a different matter all together.

There is a pile of "I must take it to the shed" stuff by the back door which has been their for AGES :twisted:


There again I only work part time (VERY few hours a week) so I have time enought to keep things how I like them to be.

And sorry,but I am a big fan of anything chemical - Cillit Bang is my favourite :roll:

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I used to be obsessively clean and tidy but have relaxed quite a bit over the last year since I started working part time from home. I think this relaxation has done me good but I still go into panic mode when MIL knocks on the door :shock: !


No chemicals in my house (apart from the bleach I used on my kitchen grouting to hide my embarrassment in preparation for Leanne coming to see me on Wednesday :wink: )

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Microfibre cloths really do work, great for letting the children help in the bathroom as they don't need chemicals :D


Buffie, a friend was singing the praises of the polti steam cleaner the other day, think I might look into getting one, sounds like they make cleaning bathroom tiles a doddle.


As for tidy :oops::oops::oops: we're usually clean under the mess :shock: and occasionally I need to move a lot of toys to remember what colour the playroom rug is :oops::oops: but then again, I'd rather they played, than sat watching tv or a computer screen :D


Occasionally I put things on the stairs to be taken up by the next person, I'm sure they would have to biodegrade before anyone moved them :!:


Karen x

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I watched Anthea too - I like to watch programmes like that and "how clean is your house" just so I can turn to Paul and say "see, you think I am bad, but I'm not THAT bad" (works for "you are what you eat too.....!)

I am really pleased that those microfibre cloths work - I have been looking at them in Lakeland (where else!) and humming and haaing as to whether they would work.

a little bit of dirt never hurt anyone - in fact it helps build up your immune system (so I say! :wink: ) and our place is generally tidy by the end of the day - I like to go to bed knowing the place is tidy.

Paul is a FAB cleaner - much more thorough than me - I'm a quick wipe and dust, plump the cushions kind of girl rather than a must dust the top of the door frames (and, like Anthea we already put newspaper on the top of our kitchen cabinets - but we realised we did this when Paul installed the new kitchen - 2 1/2 years ago :oops: )

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I think I am a little obsessive when it comes to having the place tidy :oops:


My ex was a complete slob (no exagerating) and as fast as I tidied he would mess it up so I love going home and knowing things should be as I left them unles the cat has unzipped a bird all over the place that is :lol:


I know it is a control thing as I now have control over my own life but I am aware of it so hopefully I will not let it get too obsessive :lol:

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I love cleaning and could easily get a bit obsessive about it, but don't have the time. I have to admit to being untidy, though. I am immaculate at work, but run out of steam (or fall alseep) when I am at home :roll:


Phil is away this weekend and Rosie is at her dad's, so I am going to tackle to filing and tidy the top room.


Phil doesn't cook, so when he comes round to mine he washes up. I just wish that he didn't take so long! Sometimes he takes the dishes back to his place to put in the dishwasher, but them I don't have things when I need them, shouldn't moan really!

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I recently invested in the Enjo range of fibres for cleaning and they are brilliant. I'm hosting my own party in March so that i can add the floor fibre to my collection (without having to pay for it!)


I just use the fibres and my home-made spray (with Ecover liquid, tea tree oil and lavender oil with water) and home-made beeswax polish and toilet cleaner.



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