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One of our chickens is missing

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I was slightly distracted this evening, and was half an hour later than usual tucking the girls up in bed. I always close the run, then close the Eglu door and then open the egg door to check all three ladies are settled in for the night. Only two feathery bodies were there. After finally finding a torch with batteries that worked (thanks to a neighbour!) I confirmed that Felix has gone awol. She laid her first egg this morning too. I've searched everywhere for her. I've rattled my tin, I've called her name, I've gone everywhere that she normally goes and to no avail. I can't find her. I've tried tracking the poo but can't even find that (amongst the dog poo that my other half has neglected to collect this weekend). There are no trails of feathers but I don't know if a fox would leave any feathers behind.


I am at a loss as to what to do. I feel so guilty and so sad. I am hoping that she will be there in the morning, having found somewhere nice and warm to snuggle up to tonight.


I don't think any of my cats have had her - they are all pretty wary of the chickens, having been pecked a number of times.


I am just hoping and have everything crossed that she trots along the garden tomorrow morning .......



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I'd not thought to look above ground level! We do have some trees in the garden. I will be going out later on and looking. I was just wondering what if someone finds her - they won't know that she belongs to us. Its not like cats - they have their collars, ID Barrels and Microchipping!


I'm looking at Felix's first laid egg and wishing I could hatch it!! How sad / hormonal am I?


Thanks for the support though.

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It's a horrible feeling when you can't find them. I cleaned out the eglu last week and then forgot to unlock the door. When i went out to close up the door, they were all missing. Eventually I found them huddled up underneath the quail hutch behind the food tubs.

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No sign of Felix this morning ..... it was a horrible night - not just through lack of sleep but the weather was vile. Very windy and wet. I was just hoping she'd found somewhere safe and warm and dryish for the night. The other girls are now out in their run and chatting away - I was hoping that Felix would hear them gossiping and come rushing back. But not yet.


Fingers still crossed. Thanks again for all your support. Will keep you posted!

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someone found their chook under an upturned trug once, I s'pose you've checked under things?


Is there any gaps in your fencing/hedging that she could have got through?

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Felix is back!


I had to go out this afternoon so carefully put Whiskas and Kitekat in the run and I was just about to let them out for a quick snack before bedtime and there was Felix - large as life - very much alive and well and without a care in the world.


The kids are thrilled, we'are all thrilled.


I have learnt a few things

1) must go and get a super bright torch for chicken hunting

2) I must have made the right decision when getting chickens

3) the Omlet forum offers support and advice and friendship - thanks to you all


Gina (and of course, Felix) :oops:

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