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Poorly Boy

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Aww hope he is better soon. Make sure he has plenty of fluids. :(


he's a student, they live on 'fluids' :wink:


hope he gets better soon, it's not nice that bug, not nice at all.

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How awful, hope he feels better soon, it's an awful bug. Go and see him when he's a bit better, they reckon 48 hours after they've stopped chucking up the risk of infection has gone, he'll still be rough enough to appreciate a bit of TLC. Mind you, I'd find it hard to stay away. Really hope he's better soon



Mrs B

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Probably best to leave him where he is Eglutine, and save the rest of you catching it and spreading it all the more


Plus, who wants to clean the car out afterwards.....although could it be another use for the steam cleaner ;)







Some one did post a while back that the smell of hot poo is not nice at all. I'm inclined to believe them.


*How eerie** he has just phoned whilst I'm typing up this answer.


He feels as if he has been kicked in the stomach, is no longer being sick but is still a bit squittery.


He is feeling a bit better, so that is a relief.


He would go mad if he knew I'd posted this. :roll:

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My 4 year old has been being sick all day and all he wants is for me to sit next to him on the sofa, poor sausage. He's just dozed off so I can do some essentials (collect eggs, come on the Forum :D ) before he stirs and demands I sit with him.


His started with a sore throat yesterday then a high temperature overnight. He slept in our bed with us so no doubt we'll have it too.


Hope your lad feels better soon


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