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RSPCA - shocked

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Well, Rosie is and I'm shocked on her behalf...

She gets the RSPCA children's magazine every couple of months, and this time there's an article in it telling how the RSPCA has got together with (wait for it)..... McDonalds(!!!!!)


"If you visit McDs between 6 Feb and 11 March and pick up a 'The Dog' happy meal, you can enter a draw to win a day out at an RSPCA centre"


I am shocked that they are supporting a company like McDonalds, who have such a slack approach to using ethical meat in their food.

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OK, now Rosie is safely tucked up, I can transcribe what the article says:


Have a 'The Dog' Happy Meal.


If you visit McDonald's between 6 February and 11 March, pick up a 'The Dog' Happy Meal for a chance to win a day out at an RSPCA animal centre, plus a giant cuddly dog.


It's a great deal for dog lovers - as well as your meal you will get a small cuddly toy, tips from the RSPCA on caring for real life dogs, and the chance to visit an animal centre for the day! If you don't win the top prize, there are 100 chances to win a year's subscription to fab Animal Action!


Al you have to do is nominate a 'hero dog' - a dog that you think has been especially clever or heroic.


So go on, grab a 'The Dog' Happy Meal, learn all about dogs, and cross your fingers (or should we saw claws!) that your hero dog story wins you a prize.


email: publications@rspca.org.uk - I shall certainly be emailing them! :twisted::roll:

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Good for you Kate. Here's my missive:


Dear Sarah Evans


My 10 year old daughter is a keen animal welfare campaigner and supports our friend who runs the Battery Hen Welfare Trust. She has always looked forward to reading your magazine, but was horrified when reading your Feb/March issue to see that you have joined forces to promote McDonald's Happy Meals. Considering their appalling record for caring about animal welfare and the fact that none of their meat is ethically sourced, not to mention the unhealthy meals; she was very surprised and disappointed to read your article promoting their 'The Dog' Happy Meals.


I am at a loss as to how to explain this to her.. perhaps it is a slip in judgement on your behalf. I said that I would contact you, so that you could explain it to her yourself.


We look forward to your reply and explanation




It's be interesting to see how they wriggle out of that one!

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good on you claret!


Ross was a manager for 5 years at Mc D's in college and uni, he has seen everything that goes on there. I wont go into it as its GROSS and ill be modded.


Its probably all down to money, mc d's wanting to look good and paying RSPCA loads of money to do it.




Its good though that Rosie is so upto date and in touch with these issues!

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It doesnt come as a great surprise. I know all about the RSPCA through my mum working for the police. Basically theny dont give a stuff unless they have a TV camara pointed at them or they are getting money. My mum was a police comunications officer and one day she had a motorist call after hitting a dog, the dog was alive but needed medical attention, the owners were out when they tried to call teh number on the collar, and the RSPCA refused to treat or do anything for the dog untill they got the okay from the owners that they would pay the bill. The owners never made it home in time, after several agonising hours of the motorist waiting with the dog is died :( - In my eyes that and many other case my mum delt with make the RSPCA unhumane and heartless.


Another random McDonnalds thing which I found bizzare, is while I was in hospital last week they had a representative come round the ward and give out happy meal information and toys etc to the kids! I was shocked at this promotion of junk food in a hospital. I hate the way McDonnald does things like this and the RSPCA thing etc to try to make themselves appear an ethical and healthy company when they are not.

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I thought I’d do some googling about McDonald’s and the RSPCA.


According to this site:




which is a McDonald’s site, McDonald’s has been short listed for a "Good Business Award" from the RSPCA.


The site also says that McDonald’s has been the British Free Range Eggs Producers’ Association “Food Business of the Year” for two years running because of the large quantity of free-range eggs it uses. (Although it looks like they don’t use only free-range eggs.) I don’t know anything about the British Free Range Eggs Producers’ Association so I don’t know if being their "Food Business of the Year" means anything, or whether it’s just another way of saying “Customer of the Year” and "Thank you for buying all those eggs."


There seems to be a lot on the site about how wonderful McDonald’s are in their approach to animal welfare. It almost makes me want to ask them why they have joined forces with an organisation like the RSPCA with such a bad reputation for animal welfare.

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Thanks for the info Richard. I also did some googling last night and could only find that McDs use free range eggs in their meals (good for them), but not free range eggs as a hidden ingerdient in their mayo etc. There is no mention of them using free range meat anywhere.... all their sites just say that the farms that they source their meat from meet their (McDs) standards in animal welfare - those standards aren't quantified anywhere that I can see.


Perhaps Buffster knows more.

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