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Summer Clothes

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Just thought I'd share this with you all. I managed to find some lovely holiday clothes here - http://www.bonprixsecure.com/uk/home.htm


It's great - really good prices & good choice of bikinis!!! They even do different cup sizes of bikini tops!!

So we are going shopping later, sat here at home, hubby has seen some nice bits he wants too! :roll:



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just been looking..... :oops:



I have momentarily stepped away from the computer....


will you lot please stop this. :shock::D


I am trying to not buy anything new this year.


note the word trying now, yesterday, it was I am not.... :lol:


we dont have a holiday booked yet, so I have no reason to look (repeat this 10000000 times until I believe it :lol: )




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I have seen the Bon Prix Lingerie, no wonder hubby likes Bon Prix & wants to shop there later!!! :roll: When on earth would you wear a 1/4 cup basque??? It might hold em in place, but you'd still have a problem in the cold! :shock: Mind you in Ethel Austin yesterday, they sold nipple covers! What next eh?

Mankini, they remind me of something the strong man would wear in the circus! I pefer thongs on a nicely browned man bottom personally!

I think Claret will agree with me here!



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Ooo, yes I fogot how nice that days was.


That wasn't sunstroke Snowy - it was dizzyness from chasing those little monkeys of yours :lol::lol: It really was a good day, wasn't it?


That's true, they were hard work that day! :lol: But it was a good day 8)


Come to think of it, Chatsworth was gorgeous as well wasn't it? :think:


:idea: I'VE GOT IT :idea: Let's make every day an Omlet Get together day - then it will never rain! 8)8)

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What is this forum up to?????


And here I was innocently joining a chicken community... sounds more like a rabbit community :P


I like the way the catalogues tend to say 'more of this range is available online' :D


My issue with many of these catalogues (and I'm talking normal stuff here, not mankini or whatever buttocks revealing antics) is often they don't have stuff in stock for weeks...


As to men's attire, I'll vote for boxer shorts too... that, or nothing at all... :wink:

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We have just done our bon prix shop & joined the bon prix club to get 10% off. It tells you the availability when you check out & also if there will be a delay on any items. A very good system! Some of my bikinis were only 6.90!!! I ordered 5 bikinis, few pais of shorts, 2 beach dresses, halter neck shorty dress, cropped trousers, t shirts, little hooded jacket (for now), knickers, bras & some gorgeous green ballerina shoes with a flower on the bar bit!!!

Hubby has ordered various t shirts, shorts & camo cropped leg trousers!


We got some real bargains & are very pleased!


Just got to buy my sun lotion & some nice new sunglasses now. 8)



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