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R.I.P. Rusty

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Poor Rusty has only been with us a short time, 15 months, but during that time she's become a valuable part of our family, It's like she carried us through life for the last year.


We always knew her time with us would be limited, but had hoped she could have hung on for another 6 months.


Sadly, on Friday evening, it became clear that her life as a James was to come to a sudden, and rather sad, end when the exhaust fell off after going over a speed bump on the way home from work. It wouldn't have been so bad, but she chose to eject the exhaust at the feet of a rather large crowd of giggling teenagers who then nicked it and ran for the farmers field.....


When the man from Green Flag came the next morning to issue tender loving care (to Rusty, not me), we realised that it was the 3rd time in 2 months the same mechanic had towed us to the garage, and decided that enough was enough.


We've tried to explain to Rusty that it's not her, it's us. We're just not good enough for her - Pat the mechanic will fix her up and find a new, loving home for her, with a lovely family who will love her like we do (did.....). It's not that Mindy (the Mondeo) is prettier than her, or a younger model (although she is on both counts), it's just that she deserves better....


Poor Rusty..... She needs your sympathy.....:cry::cry::cry::cry:



(I'd post a photo of poor Rusty, but I still can't find my whats-a-ma-doodle anywhere - Rusty may have taken it hostage.....)

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Poor Rusty I hope she finds a new home soon................My husband is always giving homes to cars like Rusty the last one he got free, Betty only needed her electrics sorting out and now she runs a treat, we do abuse her by loading her full of rubble and junk which she dutifully takes to the local tip for us, Jeff will never give up Betty even though the children crouch in the foot well when she gives them a lift to their friends houses or school, he loves her dearly and has fitted her some lovely new alloy wheels which also came free with another car.............Hence we have 3 garages and a friends barn full of cars just like Rusty........... :lol::lol:


Good luck Rusty, don't feel to bad Chookiehen I am sure that there are plenty of people like my husband out there who will give Rusty a good home................. :D

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Oh Shona, how sad :( . I remember crying as a teenager when our lovely Austin Westminster ("Wessie") was towed away for banger racing. Since then all my cars have had names - "Pookie" the Fiesta, "Meg the Egg" - a white Corsa (who still goes by the same name with the current owners :wink: ), and my current sweetheart "Myrtle" the Ka.


Poor Rusty :cry: .

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I used to have a lovely red 2CV, and the names I called her while trying to persuade her to start are, sadly, unprintable!!!!




I have a red MX5 from 1990 so apparently he is a classic I call him Herbie because if you park him in sunlight he switches on his lights and they are the 'pop up' variety :lol:


It is murder in the summer and I daren't park at airports etc for several days :lol:


I also call him the complete heap of cr*p when he misbehaves :lol:

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And Citroen knew it as well......I can't think of any other car made after 1960 that actually comes with a starting handle......


Ah, fond memories of the rain drippping down my collar as I cranked and cranked and cranked......


Mindyew, I'd have another one tomorrow...super cars!!



My parents had a proper French one and managed to sell it at a profit.

They are real cult cars :D

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Poor Rusty, what breed is she :?:


She was a hideous, big, black, ancient Ford Escort Estate. We took her to the garage today, and picked up Mindy the Mondeo. Pat promised to fix her exhaust and give her a paint job to hide the rust, then find a happy home for her, with a loving family.


If Mindy wasn't sooooooooo beautiful (and so much quieter with a complete exhaust!), I'd feel quite sad!

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It's 5 years old - a spring chicken compared with Rusty, who was just ANCIENT!


Mindy is all sparkly, and clean, and she smells nice.......




It'll last a day, then she'll be full of all the rubbish that Rusty was full of!

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