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Tessa the Duchess

Techie question - digital camera

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So today I finally received my new digital camera :) Fujifilm Finepix. Did all the right things, I think :roll: Installed the software, took a couple of chicken pics and thought I try and upload them to Photobucket. Well, I can't even

load the pics onto the Finepix viewer thingy on my computer. I know other people have the same camera so.......


What mode does the camera have to be in when uploading?

When the Finepix viewer is on my computer which button do

I press to upload the piccs?


And YES I have read the instructions three times, makes no sense to me

at all.


I'm using an iBook G4 btw.


Any help would be very gratefully received.



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Hi Tessa,

I was advised not to use the camera's own photo software, so as it tries to load automatically I cancel it straightaway. I open the computer bit to see all the drives and click on the fuji file. Then I open my photo file and just drag and drop the pics from the camera to the PC. Not sure what an ibook does though, hopefully it has an equivalent!


Added: I attach the camera to the PC with the USB cable, then press the little button with the green arrow on above the big menu/OK button. That seems to automatically start the download process.

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I understand the Fuji Finepix is a really good camera, great choice :D


Just a tip, if pics won't load at all, buy a card reader from somewhere like Ebay. The cable with my camera (not Fuji) became faulty after a while, so I purchased a card reader, it is much easier to put the card in the reader and plug into the pc that way. My card reader was £2.99 with no p+p charge :D

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Ooooh I can answer this!! :lol::lol::roll::wink:


I plug my camera into the ibook and it automatically brings up iphoto!


Click on 'import' and delete originals (or keep them if you want to leave them on your camera) and it does it all for you!!


Its the only thing I can do!! :lol::lol::lol:


Hope you are getting on well with it! I find it really easy to import pictures now. :D:D

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Thanks for all the offers of help people :) All is well, and I love my new camera :) Funny story about uninstalling the Finepix software. I read the instructions for uninstalling on a pc....go there, click that, double click this,

turn round do two somersaults and wave your knickers in the air.....usual

windows nightmare :roll: I then read the uninstall instructions for a Mac...

'drag Finepix file to trash' and hey presto gone! :)

Christian I am using iPhoto, and it is indeed a doddle. When I find a bit of

spare time later I will try and upload to Photobucket, using Fred's instructions and hopefuly post a pic maybe tonight!



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