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i've been and gone and done it!

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we've put our name down for 2 more ex batt girls, wish us luck as I know how oversubscribed the BHWT are.


Should give Ian time to extend the run and build an intro coop. :D

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thank you again for your kind words and wishes.


Scooby, we got our last girls from Adele at Rossendale and I've mailed her to ask if we can have some more so fingers x'd! :D


DH and I spent all afternoon with the girls today, me poo picking the coop and cuddling the girls and DH cleaning out the runs while the girls free ranged and popped back in to help us out now and again.


We had such a lovely time with them today (and every day) and they're so happy with us, that we decided we had room in the garden for 2 more girls (we have room in our hearts for loads more than that but sadly not the space).


DH is going to extend the run by approx 50% and temporarily section it off and pop in a little intro coop until the new girls are strong enough to start making the acquaintance of our girls.


Will of course post pics as and when, I just hope Adele has a cple to spare but if she hasn't, we won't be too broken hearted (I might have a little cry ;) ) as it means all those girls have found new homes and our girls will have twice the space all to themselves ;)

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just had a mail, the March rescue is oversubscribed and we're on the waiting list in case there's a 'no show'. This happened last time which is why we got the 4 wanted instead of the original 3 we'd asked for.


Failing that, hopefully we can get some after the next rescue.


Great that they're all booked up though.


I've been out all afternoon with the girls as it's been such a nice day. I haven't told them they're getting some new sisters yet ;)

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