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Whose Egg Belongs to who...

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Quin and I have had various debates who which egg belongs to which hen..


Patience (Gingernut Ranger) & Petunia (Miss Pepperpot)


We have two differnt coloured shells - one is a dark brownish colour and the other is more light tan in colour.


We assumed the darker of the two shells belonged to Patience because she was several weeks older than Petunia and the first egg to be laid was the darker of the two.. However, a month or so later we started getting both dark and light shelled eggs..


Friends and family say the darker shelled egg must be coming from Petunia because she is dark feathered and the lighter shelled ege from Patience because she is ginger!??


Can anyone shed any light as to which hen is laying which egg?




P.S. How do you get the imotiocons of the eglu and chickens like you see at the bottom of everyones posts???

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I don't have a Gingernut but I do have 2 Pepperpots and they lay quite dark brown eggs one darker than the other. I believe that Gingernuts lay paler slightly larger eggs.


If you want to do your signature you will need to read the 'how to use the forum' post on the welcome to Omlet forum, its about 5 posts down from the top. :D


Happy chicken keeping

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As a rule I would say the PP laid the darker egg and the GNR laid the lighter egg. My PP eggs are a dark, speckled brown whereas my 3 GNR s are mid brown. But the only way to tell for sure is to spend a day spying on them and jump up and check every time they go into the eglu! (yes, I have done it :oops: )

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Our Gingernut lays larger, paler brown eggs. The Miss Pepperpot lays darker, slightly smaller and slightly speckled eggs. Which fits with what most of the other people have said. Very occasioanlly we can't tell them apart, as the colours do vary a bit, but most of the time there is no problem.


But even if you don;t know which is which, you will enjoy them just the same!



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My Pepperpot laid dark brown eggs while the two Gingernuts laid paler lighter brown.


I am confused about mine too. I know the Speckledy because they are large (like her) and I know the two Amber Stars (chestnut brown). But I have trouble distinguishing between the Sussex and the Bluebelle.

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