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tax doesn't have to be taxing...

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Aaargh - you poor thing. My brother has resigned himself to the £100 fine this year as he's been too disorganised.

I wouldn't let OH set up his own business unless he had an accountant :lol:


We are 'the Accountant' :lol: ........... and the only one which won't be ready by tonight is our own :oops: We'll have to take the £100 fine :roll: We have to make sure that all the client ones are done first - and we were still receiving 'bits in bags' up until yesterday :roll:

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Its been on the radio just now that the site has crashed :(


They said they were in a meeting to decide whether to give 'an extra days grace' :roll:


And also if you managed to get the accounts dropped in the postbox at a tax office tonight for them to have when they open tomorrow you would probably be alright :roll:


All in all not very helpful :roll:



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I did mine a couple of weeks ago but it's a work of fiction :oops: . Not because I'm being fraudulent but I know I earn nowhere near enough to pay tax and I am too disorganised to find everything I needed. I just over estimated my earnings and didn't claim any allowances.


I'll have to be more organised next year :oops:

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