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Chicken related sayings

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Having had my first chickens for 6 days they keep reminding me of chicken related sayings:


Pecking order (the blackrock is incharge!)


Birds of a feather stick together (esp. in cold weather inside an Eglu!)


Flying Feathers (when the cat jumps at the run - now he has taken to sitting on the top of the run to keep an eye on them!)


Can anyone think of any more?



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Mine get in a flap and ruffle their feathers :roll:

It's probably that think they do when their neck feathers go up and they shake.



Mine are chicken :roll: particularly Megan (pictured) who lives in constant fear of birds flying over coming to get her and will flap and run in circles round the garden if one swoops a bit :oops::lol:

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I think you've got most of the common sayings, but I am sure there are more.


What about a chicken-and egg situation?


The weeds called fat-hen and chickweed?


Variations on the scared meaning (chicken-hearted, hen-hearted, chicken-livered)


Loads to do with cockiness (cocksure, cock of the walk, crowing etc)


"To be as busy as a hen with one chick" (making a lot of fuss about very little).


And there must be some sayings about the chicken's wishbone (aka merrythought).

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