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Bought this today

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She's lovely :D .


(re the name: after Joey Ramone? and Jo's already taken?)


Joey Ramone had Marfan Syndrome, same as me :lol: DH was/is a big Ramones fan.


Lovely girls by the way clash.

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She was from the "Domestic Fowl Trust" in Honeybourne, nr Evesham, Worcestershire. (cost a tenner).

I left all 4 chickens wandering around the garden while at a football match (Worcester 2 V Blyth Spartans 2) this afternoon, and when I got home (5.45 pm) all 4 were huddled up in the Eglu. There does not appear to be any problems, (hopefully)!!!


The name Ramone is a reference to "The Ramones" as already pointed out by a few of you, another option for her was "Buzzcock" :wink:

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Quick update on the chicken I bought yesterday and put straight into the garden with the 3 already here.


There doesn't appear to be any problems, as posted yesterday there was a "massive ruck" on arrival which we let them get on with and within a couple of hours they were all wandering round together. All 4 chickens slept in the Eglu without any hassle and today (24 hrs after their first meeting) they all appear to be getting along fine. The new girl "Ramone" is using the feeder & glug, although at the moment isn't intrested in "treats". She also seems to have an "upset stomach" but I'm sure thats from the 30 minutes in the back of a car, new environment and different food. Luckily all seems fine!!!

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