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Worried sick... UPDATED

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Smokey the cat seems unwell... I noticed last week she seemed thinner, so we made sure we fed her separately, thinking she might not have enough food when eating with the 8 months old kittens... but then yesterday morning there was blood in the litter tray... we spent the whole day trying to find out which cat had the problem, but it didn't happen again, till this morning, when again there was blood in the litter tray... Smokey was sick this morning too... I separated her from the other cats to try and pinpoint if she is for sure the one with the bleeding issue... and the kittens have all gone in their litter tray now, with no blood to be seen...

Shadow spends most of her time outside and doesn't go to that litter tray unless she is locked in for a whole day, so I don't think it can be her....


Calling the vet as soon as I come back from schoolrun, and hopefully they'll be able to see her today... the weight loss, sickness and bleeding ring deep alarm bells....

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Hi everyone, thanks so much for all the replies, it really makes a difference having people to share one's worries with...


I'm just back from the vet... we don't know yet what is wrong with Smokey, they took a blood sample and I'm waiting for Smokey to perform in her litter tray so I can take a sample of that to the vet too, then it's just a question of waiting for results.

Her weight was checked and she has lost little more weight since last november, the vet is hoping to know more once blood test results come back... they checked her all over and can't feel any obvious tumours or anything palpable anywhere...

She is home with me now, which is nice...

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fingers crossed, I know how anxious you must feel. Although you say she's lost weight and not been eating so much, presumably her general behaviour has been ok or you would have noticed if she was listless or seeming unwell.


Do let us know how you get on, will be thinking of you.

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Exactly 24 hrs so far waiting for Her Highness Smokey to perform in her litter tray so I can dash to the vet...



I guess cats are very much like babies, performing at any time, except when expected to!!!


Blood results are so far clear... no kidney, liver or whatever issue, more results expected soon...

Not sure if that's good or bad... vet says it's good news, and of course I'm happy that so far they haven't found anything seriously wrong, but a cat doesn't lose weight and fill a litter tray with blood two mornings in a row for no reason... I wish we had one of those star trek device... the ones the doctors in star trek just point and move up and down people and that instantly come with an accurate diagnostic...

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Hi everyone...

Sorry I haven't been updating for a while, didn't hear from the vet till today...

It seems that after reasonably extensive blood tests and faeces analysis, the only thing wrong with our Smokey is a campylobacterial infection... the vet said it could explain the blood in the litter tray, but she didn't seem sure it could explain the weight loss over time... as there has been no blood since the initial scary three days, she suggested I keep a close eye on Smokey for the next two or three weeks then bring her back in to check her weight again... she is on a 'sensitive stomach' diet at the moment and quite enjoys her food...

Has anyone else's pet ever had campylobacter? The websites I checked seem to suggest it is not uncommon, and I know I have heard of it before but can't remember when or related to which pet, I think it might have been our late cockatiel...

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Yes. Years ago - I'd forgotten about it until reading your post. My cat was probably about 12 or 13 then, she got a very runny tummy - I don't recall seeing blood. I can remember the vet asking what the poo looked like, and my response was 'like a cow-pat', which caused some amusement.


The vet diagnosed campylobacter, she had some antibiotics and also some sort of live bacterial stuff that I was supposed to sprinkle on her food, which cost a fortune as I recall! I can't remember the name but I expect it was a sort of probiotic.


She recovered quite quickly and went on biting, scratching and kicking for another four or five years! I hope Smokey makes a speedy recovery, at least you have a diagnosis at last.

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