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having an op next week!!!!!!

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:anxious: I sprained my ankle over 30 years ago & have twisted it so many times now it is unstable. I started a new job in August & within weeks I did it again but this time it did not get better, seems I must have broken it at some point & now have ruptured a tendon- I'm really impressed with the local orthopaedic service, I saw the consultant before christmas had an MRI in Jan & had a follow up with the consultant yesterday, I'm booked for sugery next Friday!!! OH is going to be away so I have been trying to enlist the help of friends. my dad can take me to the hospital & pick me up. I will leave the hens really full glugs & grubs to last them 2 days until OH gets back. Crash course in hen keeping for him then - there is a steep bank outside our back door into the garden that I don't think I will be able to get down with a plaster cast & crutches.


Now the real blow - because I am the new girl I will only get 2 weeks sick pay then SSP I could be off for 2 months!! Apparently it is common practice in Kidderminster I had no idea when I started that I would need income protection insurance, I' ve been a practice nurse for 18 years & have never come accross this before, OH is hopping mad

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I was there yesterday to see Dr Alex, isnt he lovely! I'm having my op at the Nuffield apparently the orthopaedic has commissioned some beds to get the waiting lists down. i had my MRI at Worcester.


No I cant get any benefits because OH is a GP, you would think that we would be Ok but he also has an ex wife & 2 teenage kids, one at uni & one at private school so guess where my wages normally go?

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You'll be fine! :D If you were closer I'd pop in with some grapes....



...for the chickens that is! ;)


Just kidding, wishing you a speedy recovery, some people will do anything to put their feet up! :roll::wink:

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