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The cube ones will be in 2 parts,like the poo trays to make them a bit more sturdy,& more sink friendly.


Sounds a good idea! How about dishwasher friendly or is that too gross for words? :lol:


They have worked out pretty well - no complaints from the hens anyhow!


That is good to hear. :lol:

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I queried this a while back - why are the bars wooden, when everything else is easy to clean and scrubbable - and the response from members on the forum was along the lines of hens preferring wood to perch on, or something like that.


It's not too bad (and a spare set makes it even easier) but plastic bars would probably speed up Eglu cleaning time to under ten minutes! It's definitely the most awkward part of the whole process.

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What do you think that they will come up with after the cube?

Maybe a super cube to house 20 chickens?

Any ideas? Anybody know?


Nothing on the cards at the mo.


I thought they might upgrade the cube to a "Mark 2" version after any glitches have been identified and ironed out.....but apparently not. :roll:


Looks like I will have to go for present one.


If only they did it in Yellow. :roll:

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:idea: I'm hoping they will make it a "guest colour" like the Lavender.


Will contact the mothership. When I remember.



On the other hand, purple, green and yellow will go quite nicely together don't you think?


I plan to flog one of my green Mark 2's when the cube arrives.

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Ah Ha! *taps side of nose*


When the "swatches for the Omlet Hen Parties came, there was an additional colour...Lavender.....about the same shade as Lavender Crocs :lol:.....and we wondered why.


Turns out that they are trying it out as a "guest colour".


I don't know any more than that I'm afraid. :lol:

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