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Ive just sat flicking through the sky TV guide to find Bones and plumb it in for tomorrow nights viewing (real romantic me :D )


and I couldnt find it.


thats because its on at 9:00 AM - in the morning, not at night :shock:





is that right?


has anyone got a TV guide to check this? I thought Bones was after watershed viewing :?


ho hum




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I haven't seen it as I only get terrestrial TV. Is David Boreanaz still in it? I met him once at an Angel book signing. He's :drool:

Oh yes, he's the will-they-won't-they love interest of Bones. 8)

It was great when Stephen Fry was in it too (incidently he's in it at 9am today).


I think actually it was the writer's strike and not Sky that was to blame :?

I think the date moved from February to April based on the Sky forum.

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It's back on next thursday now - 21st. I don;t know why they've postponed it for an extra week, I assume it's something to do with the writers strike. I LOVE Bones, and have been really missing it...

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BAH!! I've just checked my sky programme guide, and the episode next Thursday is the original pilot episode. Have had a rootle about the internet, and it would appear that Sky have postponed showing any new episodes until May - Fox will start showing new episodes in America in April now that the writers strike has been resolved.

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