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Don't know what to think?..advice please

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:cry: Well I am absolutely gutted!!

For the last several months I have had a horrid cough which has got steadily much worse...tried all the over the counter remedies but nothing has helped . Last week the cough got so much worse that I was sick and then subsequently have had attacks where I just can't get my breath...I have just not been able to inhale at all for what seems like ages and this has really frightened me.

After much nagging from OH and friends I have been to the docs today and she thinks I may possibly be allergic to the CHICKENS. I am absolutely distraught as I have never suffered with allergies before and have been looking forward to getting more in the spring To join my present ex Batts.

I have been given a course of antibiotics and have to go for a chest X ray :cry:

Sorry to weep and wail on here but I am hoping that someone has some advice to give me as the moment I'm hoping that I may be able to still keep my girls if her diagnosis is correct and see to them wearing a face mask or something as I couldn't bear to part with them.

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Oh gosh how awful


I suggest a weekend away or a short break, if it doesn't clear up you can't blame the chickens.


I don't want you to take this the wrong way but for the sake of being parted from your chooks I hope the xray shows something.


If you have to get rid then you must as your health must come first.


Please do keep up posted

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Ventolin inhalers are wonderful. :lol:


be careful with ventolin, if you have too many puffs it can give you arrhythmia, it happened to me! :shock:


I have asthma and I was very slap dash about using my preventitive inhaler and just used to use my ventolin when i got wheezy. I used to use a becotide preventitive inhaler but never felt that it worked so never bothered with it in the end. Eventually the doc put me on budesonide and formoterol (a powder preventitive inahler) and i haven't used my blue one since. It seems to work a treat.


I started on it in May last year, we got our girls in October and (touch wood) they haven't aggravated my asthma.


It's possible yours may have triggered asthma that you didn't know you had, maybe ask about preventitive inhalers?


It would be awful if you had to give your girls up!


Good luck



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Naturally I meant that it should be used according to instructions. :lol:


I would never suggest that anyone should overdose on medication.


sorry, didn't mean to imply that, i just wanted to warn :oops:

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I went to a poultry sale today and had quite a bad wheezy episode - had to take my inhaler twice, yet I went to a poultry show a few weeks ago, where there were a lot more birds and was fine :? . My asthma has been very well controlled since I started on Symbicort (same as Poet), and I've never had any problems cuddling/handling my chooks.


Hope it's not your chooks chickenlass.

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Is it possible you are stressed out about something, and this is your body's way of dealing with it?

It may seem a little daft, for a few years I used to lose my voice when stressed, then I moved onto kind of coughing & breathing difficulties during which I cough more to help me catch my breath... I was told not to 'internalise' stuff and get my stress out in the open - it really works although isn't the easiest thing for me.

Here's hoping if it is your chooks you can work round it.



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. My asthma has been very well controlled since I started on Symbicort (same as Poet), and I've never had any problems cuddling/handling my chooks.




yep, same stuff as me, I think Symbicort is the brand name (I quoted the ingredients).


It does seem to be good stuff.

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Hello all...thanks for your replies.

I'm feeling a bit more positive today and have started the medication.

I'll just have to see how I am once it has finished. I've also got some face masks on order so I shall start wearing those.

Thanks for all your advice. I'm away on holiday for a week in March so it will be interesting to see if things improve while I'm not in contact with the chickens.

[i'll just have to stop cuddling them I suppose lol]

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Could it be a reaction to the bedding? I have to hold my breath when I rummage about in the aubiose bag as it throws out alot of fine dust that makes me sneeze.

Yes I think it is possible that it is the bedding too [using Aubiose at present with wood shavings and straw in nest boxes ] I also muck a a horses stable so again it could well be dust etc from there too.

Please God ...let it be the bedding and not the Chickie pics.

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