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Apparently Ikea do something - I got a great one for £13 from the domestic fowl trust (they do mailorder) - the lid is attached to the bin & it takes a whole 20kg sack easily.




They do...**See here** (Scroll down a bit).


Trouble is...with P&P it brings the price up to £23.50. :?


It does look a nice bin though.

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Me and the family bimbled thru to Ikea today for said storeage. We looked at the round bins with flippy lids but decided (because of floor space in the potting shed) that we'd get the rectangualr galvanised boxes with the metal lids. They look ideal and are big enuf. £12 each I think.



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When we were forced to go over to fortnightly rubbish collection and the wheelie-bin sytem last year, the council advertised a day when everyone could put out their strong old metal dustbins with metal lids to be taken away and recycled.


These people will regret it if ever they get hens.... I kept mine, as you can't have too many containers if you are a hoarder.


I keep my hen food in a small plastic wheelie bin, but this is in a rat-proof brick shed. A plastic bin in a wooden shed would be asking for trouble, as the rats would be through the side of both in no time.

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I have the ikea one for my hot ashes! They do one with a lid attached on a foot pedal and another one with a loose lid. I have a cream coloured loose lid and it is perfect for the job - bit good for hot ashes tbh!!


Do you leave this bin outside Chicken Licken? I noticed on the Ikea website it says for indoor use only, but I want one that will stay outside.


Don't really want to pay £25 for the one in B&Q. Perhaps I'll look on ebay like KimW. Did you just look up metal bins?

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