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Hello there


We got our eglu and two girls yesterday. They have been named Ginger and Omlet. Not exactly original but the names stuck.


Omlet is fatter than Ginger and tends to sit on her when they are going to bed. I have found myself singing them to sleep! (I think I would only admit to that on this forum :)


Eldest son has been digging up worms for them today, so that made them very happy. He has also been encouraging his two young sisters to stick their fingers into the run. Of course the chooks think that they are worms so peck them. Olders brothers, eh!


One of the girls seems to have a runny tummy (Ginger I think) but hopefully that will settle down, as they do.


Well - nice to be here. I am sure I'll be running to you all with questions galore. It's our intention to rescue two battery hens once we have some more experience...

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Thanks for the advice.

I have the Bokashi Active Bran that came with my Wiggly Bokashi composting kit. Is this the same stuff?


Yep...thats the stuff! :lol: Just mix a couple of tbsps with the pellets.


Mine like it just as it is....I spilled some once...and they hoovered it up, so maybe if you put a little dollop in a bowl she might eat it.

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Welcome to the forum HasSumAmi (some kind of name combination going on there? :wink: )


I use bokashi bran too & just add a few handfuls to their box of pellets. When I used to put some in the poo tray, they scrabbled the paper out to get at it :roll: .


They will still have a splatty poo (did I really just type that? :oops: ) every now and then so don't worry if you're still getting that after a while.

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Thanks for all your welcomes! :D

I cannot believe I was on here at gone midnight and here I am again first think in the morning.

I gave the girls some Bokashi and they gobbled it down. Omlet kept on nicking it and pulled the tray towards her. I had to get in there to make sure that Ginger (who has the 'poo problem') got some too.

When you hear the phrase "pecking order" you don't really fully understand it until you get chickens!

Well, I am sure I'll be here on lots more.

Take care

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