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Hey everyone.


Ill try and answer all the questions:




1: The pool does get dirty quickly, i change the water everyday, we have a massive run 1/3rd of the garden and i just tip the water out, however if you have a nice clean tidy garden they will have to share with i wouldnt tip it everywhere as the waters VERY pooey.


2: They arent noisey if you have a girl and a boy im told. Big and Carrie hardly make ANY noise. SO quieter than chickens.


3: They get on well with our chickens, and they dont poo more than a chicken, they dont seem to eat alot [hence they dont poo alot]


4: They live with the chickens in the house, [its a big big wooden one, i doubt they'd be able to get up cube steps if you have a cube though.


5: My breed of duck are Call Ducks. Genrally they are noisey, but if you onluy have one of eacjh sex they arent, [its the females that 'call' to each other.


6: If anyones interested we will be breeding them in the next few weeks, and they should be ready from May time, [im not advertising before anyone says. People can make a donation to the BHWT if they wish]


7: They lay loverly white huge eggs and they are very tasty.


I hope ive answered everything.

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8: We have one quail , he bit his mates head off. Nice! He lives on his own as hes a bit odd.


9: The shell / Apple would be big enough i would imagine for 2-3 ducks, they spend all day in it and make very little mess [other than me emptying the water.]


10: I also was talking to our farmer tday and she said Runner Ducks need alot of space as they like to run everywhere and they arent that tidy. Call ducks were bred for 'garden ponds in the Victorian era apparently!

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