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1943 Guide to Hiring Women

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The following is an excerpt from the July 1943 issue of Transportation Magazine.

This was written for male supervisors of women in the workforce during World War II.


Eleven tips on Getting More Efficiency Out of Women Employees: There’s no longer any question whether transit companies should hire women for jobs formerly held by men. The draft and manpower shortage has settled that point. The important things now are to select the most efficient women available and how to use them to the best advantage.

Here are eleven helpful tips on the subject from Western Properties:


1 Pick young married women. They usually have more of a sense of responsibility than their unmarried sisters, they’re less likely to be flirtatious, they need the work or they wouldn’t be doing it, they still have the pep and interest to work hard and to deal with the public efficiently.


2 When you have to use older women, try to get ones who have worked outside the home at some time in their lives. Older women who have never contacted the public have a hard time adapting themselves and are inclined to be cantankerous and fussy. It’s always well to impress upon older women the importance of friendliness and courtesy.


3 General experience indicates that “husky” girls – those who are just a little on the heavy side – are more even tempered and efficient than their underweight sisters.


4 Retain a physician to give each woman you hire a special physical examination – one covering female conditions. This step not only protects the property against the possibilities of lawsuit, but reveals whether the employee to be has any female weaknesses which would make her mentally or physically unfit for the job.


5 Stress at the outset the importance of time, the fact that a minute or two lost here and there makes serious inroads on schedules. Until this point is gotten across, service is likely to be slowed up.


6 Give the female employee a definite day-long schedule of duties so that they’ll keep busy without bothering the management for instructions every few minutes. Numerous properties say that women make excellent workers when they have their jobs cut out for them, but that they lack initiative in finding work themselves.


7 Whenever possible, let the inside employee change from one job to another at some time during the day. Women are inclined to be less nervous and happier with change.


8 Give every girl an adequate number of rest periods during the day. You have to make some allowances for feminine psychology. A girl has more confidence and is more efficient if she can keep her hair tidied, apply fresh lipstick and wash her hands several times a day.


9 Be tactful when issuing instructions or in making criticisms. Women are often sensitive; they can’t shrug off harsh words the way men do. Never ridicule a woman – it breaks her spirit and cuts off her efficiency.


10 Be reasonably considerate about using strong language around women. Even though a girl’s husband or father may swear vociferously, she’ll grow to dislike a place of business where she hears too much of this.


11 Get enough size variety in operator’s uniforms so that each girl can have a proper fit. This point can’t be stressed too much in keeping women happy.




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when Kev and I got angaged someone came up with a 1950's page on how to be a perfect housewife.


it included things like

When your husband comes home from work, dont bore him the mundane things that you have done like the washing and ironing, he has had amuch harder day than you could ever have.


when you know your husband is on his way home from work, put a ribbon in your hair and some lipstick on, he has had a hard day and doesnt want to look at someone drab and messy.



eeeek :shock::shock::shock:


I had it pinned on my wall for ages, ill have a look see if I can see it.






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found this....


Have dinner ready. Plan ahead, even the night before, to have a delicious meal ready on time for his return. This is a way of letting him know that you have be thinking about him and are concerned about his needs. Most men are hungry when they get home and the prospect of a good meal is part of the warm welcome needed.


Prepare yourself. Take 15 minutes to rest so you'll be refreshed when he arrives. Touch up your make-up, put a ribbon in your hair and be fresh-looking. He has just been with a lot of work-weary people.


Be a little gay and a little more interesting for him. His boring day may need a lift and one of your duties is to provide it.


Clear away the clutter. Make one last trip through the main part of the house just before your husband arrives. Run a dustcloth over the tables.

During the cooler months of the year you should prepare and light a fire for him to unwind by. Your husband will feel he has reached a haven of rest and order, and it will give you a lift too. After all, catering to his comfort will provide you with immense personal satisfaction.


Minimize all noise. At the time of his arrival, eliminate all noise of the washer, dryer or vacuum. Encourage the children to be quiet.


Be happy to see him.


Greet him with a warm smile and show sincerity in your desire to please him.


Listen to him. You may have a dozen important things to tell him, but the moment of his arrival is not the time. Let him talk first - remember, his topics of conversation are more important than yours.


Don't greet him with complaints and problems.


Don't complain if he's late for dinner or even if he stays out all night. Count this as minor compared to what he might have gone through at work.


Make him comfortable. Have him lean back in a comfortable chair or lie him down in the bedroom. Have a cool or warm drink ready for him.

Arrange his pillow and offer to take off his shoes. Speak in a low, soothing and pleasant voice.


Don't ask him questions about his actions or question his judgment or integrity. Remember, he is the master of the house and as such will always exercise his will with fairness and truthfulness. You have no right to question him.


A good wife always knows her place.





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Thank goodness times have changed. When I got married, my then husbands' Grandfather warned him to make sure that he paid all the bills as women couldn't be trusted to do it!! Needless, to say he left it all to me and when we eventually split up found himself in dire straits as he had never had to deal with any household responsibility before :lol:

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sooo funny. If you try and put any of it into practice it is VERY unnerving for the other person...


a while ago there always seemed to be petty arguments when my husband was getting home, so one night I prepped the children that we were all going to be perfectly behaved, sit nicely at the table, and ask courteously how Daddy's day had been etc etc...


it worked a dream- we were sitting at the table, he arrives back, we are sitting in silence..he looks suspiciously at us, sits down, son no 1 pipes up "Daddy did you have a good day?", daughter no 2 adds "please tell us what you did?" , I enquire "would you like a drink?" son no 1 " are you hungry" and he's like


STOP you are freaking me out!!!

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I love those old Chumley Warner style things!


As much as I like my wife to have ribbons in her hair, I would rather she concentrated on not making my house such a god damn mess.


Life must have been so easy for ladies in those long forgotten days.


All they had to do was look pretty, do all the housework and put up with anything your husband deemed suitable, including him staying out for a couple of days. I just don't understand why this cannot be managed whilst working full time too!




Joking aside, when I hold a door open for anybody I expect them to be grateful or at least acknowledge the fact I did.


If it is a lady I hold the door open for, I expect her to feel special in the knowledge I was raised correctly rather than her looking at me as if I was some sort of creep.


I suppose what I am trying to say is not all old 'sexist' values are bad and the ones that are bad are hilarious!




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Our neighbour's caveman son obviously subscribes to this way of thinking.. he blacked his wifes eyes for 'not keeping house' :twisted::twisted: she changed the locks and called the police.


Kev, I ALWAYS say thank you when people hold doors etc for me 8) . I also frequently thank people when they forget to thank me... saves them the trouble :wink:

I like a man with manners :D

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Oh that is terrible, claret.


I do like having doors opened for me too Kev. :D


Heres a bit of a gem from a book for you taken from 'Domestic cookery by a lady'


"In our married life we shall find a love of employment to be the source of uncumbered pleasures.

To attend to the nursing and early instruction of children, and rear healthy progeney in the ways of piety and usefulness, to preside over the family and regulate the income allotted to its maintenance, to make the home a sweet refuge of a husband fatigued with a jarring world, to be his enlightened companion and chosen friend of his heart.

These are womens duties, and delightfull ones they are!"

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8 Give every girl an adequate number of rest periods during the day. You have to make some allowances for feminine psychology. A girl has more confidence and is more efficient if she can keep her hair tidied, apply fresh lipstick and wash her hands several times a day.





I like this one best!

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