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fed up

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argh this websites doing my nut in, its so popular its crashing!


ive had a really [add nuaghty word here] day, and i am Fed up. i want to scream.


all i seem to do is work work work, tidy, clean cook,


When im not cleaning, or washing ironing, cooking, etc etc etc, im looking after seth [which is fun] but i dont get to do the real fun stuff. today ross took seth to this Ball pit place, and ive been wanting to go there forever with him. i couldnt go because i had to stay at home and catch up on work for my business. i am fed up with it at the moment, SO much to tackle!


I have a list as long as my arm, no time or energy to do it. Im startin to think i'd be better off flipping burgers in Mc D.


I am just needing a huge moan, sorry everyone i bet you think all i do is moan.


I cant afford a cleaner, or a roomba, or anything, ross has a muscle condition which makes it impossibe for him to help round the house, and he doesnt appricate what i do.


i am fed up tonight!!!!!


and i am wasting time writing this pathetic rant, when i should be working!

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i am fed up tonight!!!!!

Me too :roll:

I was debating whether to post. I missed out on a job I've been waiting months to interview for and I'm running out on options. I just spent £180 on my car's exhaust and I'm hoping the other half I didn't replace will last a while as that too is £180 which I couldn't afford. :cry:


I like reading your posts fairycake, and finding out what you are up to. You've very brave taking on the business, my OH works v hard on his and it must be tough...especially with a small child :shock:

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* i cant mention too much as i get in trouble. :lol:


Its extremely hard work, i did 3 21hr days last week , just going to bed for 3hrs. and the others were 15-17 hr days.


I have had two long sleeps, mon and tues though this week.


Its just so time consuming! i didnt realise how much work it is!


I better laugh :lol: , or id cry tonight!

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Thanks guys.


The only thing that keeps me going at the mo when im tired is,[and this sounds silly]


every day seth and i go for a walk, and we walk down this really posh street, theres a house for sale there, three times what our house is worth, and i say to seth, every day, ''Thats our future home baby boy''

Its such a gorgeous house.

A MASSIVE manor house, with huge windows and a huge huge garden with a long path upto it. and huge electric gates.



He normally smiles.


I mean it, when i have enough money im going to march up to their front door and say '' I want to buy your house please''




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Strange cos I was thinking of you earlier Laura, your post about being on top of the world because when I read it it was catching and I felt the same. Then I came on here to post about what a rubbish day I was having and here you guys are doing the same! I hurt my back yesterday which, although it's much better was still sore, dragged me down and sapped al my energy. Subsequently I spent FAR too much time on here, got grumpy with the kids when I'd aimed to have a great day with them (altho we did go for a long walk and feed the ducks) then it was culminated with DS getting his little finger shut in the bathroom door by eldest daughter. It was entirely accidental but poor little thing, he cried and cried. I thought it was a hospital job but he wriggled it and he calmed down after a while. So he's gone to bed all upset and tired, we're in DIRE straights financially and struggling to find a way out and it's all getting me down.

So boo hoo, poor me!


On the other hand, I have three lovely kids, a roof over my head (for now) a job, even though I don't want it and just want to be with my kids, and I have my OH, who even though I could kill him sometimes I do really love.


Cheer up Laura, it's hard I know being cook cleaner, mum, wife, carer, nurse, nanny, everything to everyone else and sometimes I wonder when it's our turn, the mums / wives. But we're heroes, don't forget that you're a hero


Mrs Bertie

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Everybody needs a rant at times. I had one last night to a rather bemused husband. It was on the lines of ....


....I'm an only child so I have to be responsible when it comes to my Dad who is lovely but on his own. Husband is the eldest child of a group who can't be bothered to help their parents but expect maximum return. Everything gets put onto us despite us being the only ones who have full time professional jobs and I sometimes feel the pressure.


He agreed with me which helps.

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Ohhhhh....you need to have a good moan now and then.

Men just dont know how hard it is being a housewife with small children, my OH cant even look after one on his own, let alone have two toddlers, doing the housework and be secretary, delivery driver and general dogs body for his business. sometimes i wish i could go back to work (teaching) just to get away from it all. i know it would never work as i would still have all this to do in the evenings :roll: . My OH does work 7 days most weeks so i cant blame him for not wanting to hoover the living room but he could appreciate me doing it and stop leaving cups ALL AROUND THE HOUSE AND GARDEN!!!!!!!! (to be fair some of the cups in the garden are from his workmen)


my OH has MAN FLU :roll::roll: at the moment, he has spent two days in bed and i have been running around answering the phone for his business and looking after two toddlers and making him lemon teas and lemsips. To top if off, my little boy cant go to nursery because of the cut on his head and my little girl has flu as well and keeps spiking 40 deg c temps and i am coming to terms with the MC i had last week.


But, when OH moans that we never win on the lottery i always say that we have been lucky in life, we have two lovely healthy children, a nice home and each other. i always think of that when i feel down.


Laura you are very brave taking on a business as well, but i am sure you will do great. you are alot more organised than me and have determination. dont forget to take a little time out and talk to us.


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Sorry to here you are having a tough time. I sometimes feel I just cant go on. The endless laundry, cleaning, homework etc. etc and a full time job. I just loose it and have a really big explosive rant. I once smashed up a shoe rack with an umbrella!! :shock: But then you do get through it, the next day does come and somehow you dig deep and carry on. So go girl you can do it :D

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Oh Laura. Hope you feel a bit better soon.

Good luck with your business. They say god loves a tryer :D

And good on you for trying to do something worthwhile for yourself and your familly.

I hope you get your house one day. It looks lovley.

We started our business together when I was 21. Im 37 now. :( Done with 2 babys in tow too. Now 12 and 10, where did that go?? :shock:

Its NEVER easy. You will have good days and bad ones. It gets better but its never perfect. If it was easy everyone would do it. I have lost count of the sleepless nights and worry caused.

To be honest it is only sheer brass neck that stopped us going under after 12 months, however my advice would be, be nice to everyone that you deal with. If when you get going you need an extra week or two to pay those bills if people like you, you will be surprised at how nice and helpfull people can be. I think it is that strategey that helped us through those early days. If we were ever likley to be late paying up if I spoke to people and kept in touch we would get through.

We still deal with people we have used as suppliers from the start and have great relationships with them.

And my dear husband and I havent killed each other yet :D

Best of luck to you :lol:

Big hugsxx

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Good luck Laura. I hope that you got a decent stretch of sleep last night and that today will be a better day for you :D .

Setting up the business sounds like a huge challenge, you must be incredibly strong and determined to be pushing ahead with it now whilst you've got so much else to contend with, but at least you've got youth, determination and a lot of guts on your side............and they do say that nothing worthwhile comes without a struggle.

Keep smiling..........keep dreaming............and that house :? Nice, but just wait, when you're earning your millions you'll be looking for a real mansion 8):lol::lol::lol::lol:

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we're in DIRE straights financially and struggling to find a way out and it's all getting me down.


Have you seen the www.moneysavingexpert.com forum - it's incredibly encouraging to see what situations people do manage to dig themselves out of, with lots of moral support and a little extra information about possibilities. I spend almost as much time reading that forum as I do reading this one because I hope to be able to claim back on mis-sold PPI (Payment Protection Insurance) - I am self-employed, and the bank knew that, and so I would never have been able to use this insurance (except by resigning as sole director of my company and ceasing to trade altogether).


(Is it OK to mention another web site like that?)

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oh, chelsea, sorry your fed up ((((hugs))))


have you considered getting a random (and strange) hobby to take your mind off the *****?


or even reading up about one on the internet?


my latest odd hobby is rock climbing, and ive started reading ranaulf fiennes book (the mans a nutter :lol: - got chucked out of the SAS for stealing ammunition :shock: )


but would like to try horse riding (dont tell kev, he would never let me go as it would probably end in me wanting a horse :shock::shock::wink::D )


hope you find a new job soon




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