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Closing the eglu door at night

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Hi there


I know this is probably an old question and already covered on the board, but just wondered how many folks leave the Eglu door (not the run) open at night.


I am wondering whether to keep mine open so they can come out when they want to, except when it gets really cold then I will shut it.



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Mine variable :lol:


I always shut them into their run before dusk - give them corn etc. Then if they are still star gazing when I go down to shut the Cube door when it gets dark I leave it open and then often forget to go back again later. :oops:

Even when it was 'brass monkey weather' the other night they didn't come to any harm!!!!

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Then if they are still star gazing when I go down to shut the Cube door


Awww! Ours stargaze too!! :lol:


Hubby always goes out to check on them at roosting time and then he comes back in saying "ella's still looking out the door" so he leaves the door open for a while so she can look out before closing it. :D

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In my experience, foxes visit most often at first light, which in summer is when only the hens are up.


So keep the door closed if you are bothered by foxes: the hens will be traumatized if they step out and see a fox looking into the run and smacking its lips.


Otherwise you can leave the door open. This must make life so easy, and I am jealous of those who can do it. I can't imagine life without urban foxes, who are dangerously tame.


Do people who leave the Eglu door open always leave food out all night too? I couldn't do this either, because of rats.


I seem to have more pests in my garden than country people, even though I live in the city near a main road. (But the rats may now be ex-rats, until the next invasion.)

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I always shut the eglu door when its cold or windy, I have left it open by mistake a couple of times and have got up in the middle of the night to go and close it as I lay there and think of them shivering away! But if many of you say it does no harm then I might not feel too guilty anymore.


I do leave it open in the summer only because they start pecking at the door (which is surprisingly loud) to be let out at the crack of dawn, and especially on a weekend I do NOT want to get up at 5.30 or 6 O'Clock.


I have often thought a door that could open on an automatic timer would be a great invention!

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