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Eglu & Chickens arrived and set up

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My Eglu arrived on Monday (was suppose to be Tuesday so was very surprised to open the door and find 2 big boxes on my door step) what a great design.


I then arranged to pick up 2 Black Rocks on Tuesday. They are settling in well.


Thought I would upload some photos. http://club.omlet.co.uk/gallery/main.php?g2_itemId=25084


Still trying to decide on names for them!!!

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I just love the blue eglu . . . . . I want one!!!! I have a purple and a green one . . . I think I chose the wrong colours!!!!!!!!!!! Love your new girls too! They are much browner black rocks than mine, our black rock is very black hence my son's name for her Darcy Vader!!!


Are you planning on letting them free range in your beautiful garden?

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I am going to let them out to free range in a couple of weeks. I am very afraid that they will get away and not come back!! I think I am going to have to clip their wings or I will be running around trying to find them. I may also need to block some of the gaps under the fence before I let them out!!

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