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Guide dog Pups

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Little Chikadees posting has fallen of the end of the page so I thought i would start another!!


I went ot see the pups, one of which I shall have on the 9th April, they are just 2.5 weeks old and adorable. The females are all darker than the males. I don't know which is to be mine yet but hopefully as she is being followed by the Chief Executive of Guide Dogs they will choose the calmest and most beautiful :lol::lol: They are all to be prospective breeding stock but still have to have the same rigorous training in order to ensure they are reliable, calm, sweet natured and 150% unflappable adult dogs.


Lexis will, of course, be introduced to the chickens as part of their training :lol::lol:


Hve some pictures of my granddaughter and the pups but can't work out how to attach them :oops::oops:

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oooo, how exciting :D


I love puppies and especially Guide Dog puppies, they look so grown up in their "im training" jackets :D


apparently you put pictures on a photobucket or flickr account and then put a hyperlink to the pictures on the forum thread page.


I've never done it, but Kev says its easy. :D


have a go


good luck




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