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Hi everyone,


We have just returned from the Game Show at Shepton Mallet nr Bath - we saw lots of lovely Quails and were wondering if anyone keeps them in an eglu or has considered it.


We are thinking of upgrading to a cube but thought we could get a handful of Quails to live in our Eglu...


Any thoughts?



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Thank you Snowy - I took the photo today.


One of my 9 day old Japanese Quail. They are double the size they were when they hatched out - really cute - it is perching on my finger


I can't get in to see your photos :(

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How many quail could you keep in an eglu with standard run?! Must be loads I would think. Hmmm, interesting! :wink:


Only thing would be when you come to clean the floor of the eglu run out, I guess they would all escape!


If you allow one square foot per bird - you can have a measure and work it out - dozens. And you can include the floor space of the Eglu too for estimating numbers.


It would need to be managed carefully for the reasons above. And cleaning out - well I guess if you had some way of shutting half of the run off - and then the other.


And they don't roost either like chickens - as they are woodland birds - so stay out all night under shelter.


Seems a bit of an expensive way to keep them. You would get much more enjoyment from them by selling the Eglu and buying an aviary. IMHO that is.


You have to be careful too as they frighten easily and just fly or jump up like Harrier Jump Jets - and would certainly be able to bang their heads on the lower end of the run.


If frightened they can go even higher than the foot usually mentioned. Mine can go three feet - and its not me that has made the jump - they just do it to themselves sometimes silly things - but I am besotted with them

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:lol::lol: didn't recognise you for a moment there Dilly


My friend who used to keep them mentioned that she had to put bubble wrap on the underside of the run lid to stop them from killing themselves by boinking into the roof!


I got fed up being stuck with all that gutta tape :lol::lol: Thought one of my baby quails looked better.


There is a photo on a forum I read in some old posts of a quail with a head injury caused by boinking.


It was treated and lived happily ever after.


Apparently there was another thread which I was not aware of that it was a bullying injury in this particular case and not boinking.


I guess that's one of the disadvantages of a forum - so many posts to look through so you miss later ones added in another thread.


Yuk :oops::oops:

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The quail that Dilly has mentioned, was actually badly injured in a fight between him and his 4 brothers that were housed together in a 5" ark waiting to be given breeding groups, although at first I did think he had hurt himself on the roof of an ark, due of the amount of blood splatter on the roof bar, but to be honest it was a silly theory as Japanese quail aren't known for 'boinking' straight up, (that's the CPQ) I just didn't want to believe that my lovely quail could be responsible for such an injury.


The bird "spike" was promptly cleaned up and taken to the vet to be humanly euthanized, but the vet saw no reason for the bird to be destroyed. He was given antibiotics & antiinflammatory drugs to be taken over 3 days, he was rather grumpy for a few days before being back to his usual self, his horrendous wound was completely healed in less than a fortnight, although he was left with a rather unusual rosette of feathers on his crown.


Here's a few links to the actual post that Dilly read. (If you want to see the initial injury its in the health section under this first post, but be warned its a mess.) I'm sure once you see spike completely healed, you will understand my desire paid for vet treatment, He is still going strong & keeping his girls happy :)


Post on his recovery -



Post of him in all his glory -




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Well glad that is sorted out.


It is one of the downsides of forums I guess that when you read a post, you are not always aware that somewhere on the site in a different topic there is another post. Same on here isn't it!


I did say that he was treated, and lived to tell the tale.


I think it best if just keep referring everyone to Cortunix Corner -

and to not respond to any quail questions on here myself :roll:


It could seriously damage my health :lol::lol::lol:


Joke Suz not to be taken seriously :wink::wink::wink::wink:


Having said the above, if you do search the internet - it says that quail (without listing each species) are known to boink and injure and can die from jumping up and bashing their heads on the roof on hutches.



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I would like to take this opportunity to apologise to Dilly.


I meant no harm in posting my links to "spike" I just thought maybe people would find it interesting & bring people interested in keeping quail over to CC. I am really embarrassed that you think I purposely under-mind you, as that truly is not my intention, I think you've been a great quail advocate so far, and I only wish other "newbies" (sorry if the term offends) would do as much research as yourself before diving in.



In future I will refrain in joining in the conversation, on this forum, again my heart felt apologies, for upsetting you in any way.



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Yout advice is very much appreciated and we would all prefer you to answer all the quail questions. As I keep re-iterating I am a total beginner - you are the best person to do so - and I really am not the person to ask.


No apologies needed - I am a happy go lucky person - and life is too short for any 'silliness'.


I was sorry to learn from your PM that you had problems at the time on your forum with untrue allegations about 'Spike', so can understand your defensiveness.


I can assure you that you would not get such a response on here from any advice you give.


So please - be our Quail Queen - your knowledge and advice is appreciated on your ever growing forum - and it will be here


Animal welfare is of paramount importance to us all - so far better to have someone with actual experience to answer all the questions - than people such as myself who can only look things up trying to help.


So we are all happy chicks.


I am so late - so must dash - and very relieved that you can be relied upon to put us all in the picture regarding all aspects of Quail husbandry


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