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Puppy walking - Jake & Lexis. Updated 15.11.08

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A belated update on my Gemma. She has, at 11 months, developed a tumour on her spine. The vets at Guide dogs removed it on Thursday of last week. As of Friday she was unable to weight bear on her back legs but this may be due to the swelling and bruising of the operation. The 'good news' is that she is feeling pain in the lower back. I should hear by tomorrow how successful the operation was and whether the tumour was malignant or not by the end of the week.


The picture on my avatar is a bit out of date now I will try and add some more pictures to the flikr site.

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Hi All


Sorry to be the dispenser of bad news - Gemma's tumour is malignant. It is something she will have been growing since she was a pup. It is called a kidney tumour and is made up of kidney cells that have migrated to the spine. It is VERY rare, and even more rare in GS. There is nothing I could have done earlier, I spotted it when it got big enough to cause symptoms.


The plan is to keep her at Redbridge for the next 6 to 8 weeks on very restricted, going out to the toilet and then back into kennel, exercise. Then to board her probably with a trainer near to the centre so they can keep an eye on her. There is a very slight chance the tumour will not recur - the vet is very doubtful, but everyone is rooting for her. She has to be away from the rough and tumble of other dogs so I cannot have her back - even if I gave up Gulli, I suggested to Lynn that maybe I could give him up, I am too far away from Redbridge.


They will review her in 6 months time - but even if by some miracle the tumour hasn't regrown, someone else will have fallen in love with her and she will be settled there.


Sorry this is so long but I copied it from my email to other Puppy Walkers and could n't face typing something different.

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