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Can you believe it !!!

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He's the Doctor in Doctor Who!!!! :D:D:D



Aaah that's why I've heard the name, one of my freinds emails endlessly about Dr Who. Gotta say I hated it when I was a kid and havn't found it any better this time round - tried to watch one episode because James thought he wanted to - nearly fired of a "disgusted of rettendon" email to the BBC about it - far too scary to be on at that time of day.


James leads a VERY sheltered life!

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I went on the David Tennant site, found a picture I liked :D , then dragged it onto my desktop. Then from there I uploaded it to my Flickr page, resized it on there, grabbed the HTML thing, copied it & pasted it into the avatar section on my profile :D


I had to delete my existing avatar first.


I like your signature picture :lol:

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I cannot stand Shakespeare... I saw a production of Hamlet once (why OH took me to that considering neither of us likes Shakespeare, I'll never know), and I fell asleep...


BUT... I'd happily sit through one with DT in it... and I'm sure I wouldn't fall asleep... He's gorgeous... :oops::):)

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