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Hi All, I've finally got round to loading pictures of our new cube, girlies and run.

Let me know what you think :wink:


1) Omlet van




2) Ta-tar! Assembled Cube :dance:




3) Here are the 'Omlet Girls' - Firstly Sandy (PP)




4) Second - Emily (PP)




5) Third - Mrs Puff (GNR)




6) Now the rest of the Girlies - Girtie (Bluebell), Banjo & Juno (Columbines) and lovely Emily Jackson (Amber Lee)








Finally, here's the external run to the right of the cube I've netted using Omlet's netting, pegged down every 2 squares to reduce the possiblity of foxes digging in. I work from home so I only let the girls out into this bit when I'm home.




I have officially become 'mad chicken women' :oops::lol: . I love the girls, pecking order still being sorted out but hoping all will settle down shortly. Touch wood, so far so good. I just love them :D

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Isn't she just......she was the extra one I accidently 'acquired'. One two many chicks had been loaded up into the van in the morning but I just couldn't send her back on her own, so I offered to purchase her in addition, on the spot. But she is lovely and eating out of my hand from day 1 :lol:


Emily Jackson ( (white chicken) is the tamest - she's like's being hand fed, loves being stroked whilst eating and beginning to 'crouch' as if to say, 'gaw on, pick me up then'! :D

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Thanks everyone, I'm glad you like them.


I have couple of questions about my set up-


1) The edged area immediately upon which the cube has been placed, I've laid bark chips down not realising it's very different to wood chips. Should I redo this and what's wrong with using bark chips?


2) Has anyone know a fox to 'climb' the netting, is it possible? I know from reading postings on the club forum they can scale 11ft 'solid' structures, what about netting. I am worried now about them being out in the external run following an increase in postings regarding fox attacks?


Any advice would be much appreciated.



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