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*wheels our cake tray*

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Sounds lovely Kaz. Do you eat all this stuff or just enjoy watching other people eating it?


My Hot Cross Buns were really delicious this year. I was so proud when DD3 gave up on a shop-bought HCB saying it tasted horrible!


I made a Simnel cake yesterday which also looks better than usual. Do you think it's my new oven????? I marzipanned it today. :D


I also THOUGHT about making Easter biscuits, but won't have time now. :(

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I'm saving up our eggs for a Chocolate Nemesis cake :P


A VERY wise decision. One word of warning: Once you have made it, only give yourself a VERY small dollop: I ate three pieces during the course of an evening and had to go to bed with a visual migrane soon after! (and before anyone gets their nasturtiums out, No I wasn't drinking alcohol either!


Its potent stuff!

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It's a light fruitcake with a layer of marzipan baked through the middle. The top is covered in marzipan and you can put 11 or 13 blobs on the top to represent the disciples with or without Judas Iscariot and with or without Jesus.


I'll try to post a photo!


Sorry - all the HCBuns have gone. I'll have to make more next year!

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Great minds.... I've made Simnel cake today, but will marzipan tomorrow morning :roll: I've never tried simnel cake before but in Country Smallholding a month or 2 ago they had a recipe for Bury Simnel Cake. Well, Bury is what I consider to be my home town, although I moved away 20+ years ago (Mum still lives there though), and I'd only ever associated Bury with black puddings, so had to try this recipe.

I've also made a batch of Blondies today (brownies made with white chocolate) and Nigella's coconut creme caramel.

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