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Super Sean

Doctor Who... (thankyou Dan!)

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I still love my cats Phil - have they arrived to sort you out yet :wink::lol:



something left something nasty on the front porch step last night... I thought it was a fox.... or a wild chihuahua...


Phil 8)

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Dr Who is one of the few programmes that we all watch as a family :D

David Tennant does seem to be his own personality to the character - nice mix of serious and madcap

Thought last night was pretty good - as for the scary bits - well watching with a cushion on my lap so I could quickly hide my face ( :roll: ) was an essential part of my upbringing :wink:


btw - I actually saw the very first original B&W Dr Who film in the cinema - unfortunately I was so frightened that I spent most of the film on the floor under my seat :oops::oops:

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Yes,I suppose that it was no more frightning than the werewolf in the Harry Potter film really.


Strangely as a child Doctor Who never scared me.

That b****y horrible stick thing on Rupert The Bear is another matter all together.

It still gives me the shivers now :shock::roll::lol:

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I was terrified of the cybermen too!


Saturdays was considered VERY scarey in our house - one nightmare and two sleepwalking incidents on Saturday night, giving it 9 on the scare rating!

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Well,I thought it was great :D


The werewolf was sort of scarey for early evening kids TV though :shock:


Isn't the new Doctor a dish?


David Tennant played the lead in the BBc version of 'Casanova' recently and was excellent! I love Doctor Who but havent seen any of this series, but I'm sure he's excellent in this too.

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