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The Managing Director

Murdo's Promotion!!!

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once upon a time,in a galaxy far ,far away, well seems a long time ago anyway and besides someone had a thread about needing clues for a treasure hunt and that was a clue we used to find the present hidden in brothers galaxy on his 40th (and he didn't get it :roll: )


anyway where was I, oh yes, when I joined the forum and discovered Murdo had been leading you all on with delusions of grandeur and letting you believe he was my deputy I demoted him to underling and then due to some further insubordination he was demoted to under underling but I did say he might get a promotion for his birthday


I have cast around for a suitable title and inspiration totally failed to strike, I should also thank those of you who offered me the benefit of your thoughts, dogsbody was considered but on reflection no, as indeed was dobody but I wouldn't want him to feel he was a permanent typo, bad enough having a name like Murdo, have you any idea how may people insist its Murdoch :roll: The CA suggested he could be head of games but that sounded a little frivolous and as to whoever suggested trainee diplomat!! :D:D


anyway to cut a long story short, inspiration has at last struck we are great fans of West Wing (I don't actually understand most of it , Murdo kindly explains it to me during the advert breaks, luckily there are lots) and reading through the episode guide :oops::oops: (yes I know what happens next I even know who wins the election,I always read the last page of a book first too) I was struck by the job titles (and how gorgeous Rob Lowe is :) )



So there it is, as of now Murdo will be the Deputy Communication Director


he will I'm sure be exceallent in this role as he only has to report to the newly appointed Communications Directors themselves, these being Rosie, Willow,Briar,Hazel,Bramble and Blossom .. they've stopped laying eggs so they may as well do something useful instead :):) Jasmine is currently preening herself as sole egg layer :roll::roll:


I would just like to apologise to anyone who feels I have changed the rules slightly I know I said it had to be 6 letters or less but well I'm the MD :!::!: I can make important decisions like maybe 1 speckled chicken icon can go :):)

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I was rather hoping you might pick some of those mysterious titles at the end of films.


Gaffer Boy


Dolly Grip


Chief Dolly Grip


etc etc


On reflection I feel that perhaps you have picked a happy mix of words that ensures you can demote him immediately. As Murdo is now in charge of communications does this now mean that you simpky dictate your postings to him for typing?

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