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Sea Cadets

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You could have knocked me over with a feather when Devon my 13 year old announced that she wanted to join Sea Cadets last week :shock:


Up til now her main intereste have been computer games,boys,music,& more computer games, so we thought why not?


She seemed to enjoy it,& I was tickled seeing her standing to attention on the parade ground as I left. :lol:

Its great for us being on the river,as she will learn some useful skills.

With The Hubbys ongoing amphibious car & a newly bought Canadian Canoe we will need all the nautical tips we can get :lol:


Maybe I had a sheltered upbringing,but I had never really heard of the Sea cadets until now.

Does anyone else have children who go,or experience of it themselves?

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I joined the Air cadets when I was 15 for BOYS, stayed until 22 as a cadet, took a commision in the RAFVR(T) and ended up running a squadron, until falling pregnant with Lauren and the tender age of 31.


I was quiet, shy, timid and lonely, badly bullied at school and growing up in the East End when I joined. Air Cadets made me who I am today and I cannot speak highly enough of this sort of organisation. On the whole they are superb. I still have friends I made when in the ATC (which is more than I can say for school!)


*** PLEASE NOTE**** I did meet my husband because of the Air Cadets (I was on camp at RAF Shawbury, he was training to be an Air Traffic Controller there) so you might want to bear that in mind! :wink::D

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There is a local Sea Cadet squadron where I live, they have been going for years. I was never involved as I was already sailing at national level which took all my time up - but I had friends who were involved. They also help out at our sailing club a lot, and we help them in return - so I have nothing but praise for them as an organisation.

Boys or not - I'm sure it can only only be good. :D

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I must say that I am all for her meeting other youngsters in the sort of environment the cadets provides.I was very impressed with it all when I enroled her last week,even if it was a little formal & military for my liking :roll:

But it won't do her harm to salute a few adults :lol:


And its great fun making her mad by calling it Space Cadets :lol::lol::lol:

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Ah, don't do that Cinnamon - thats reserved for the Air Cadets (Space as in space between the ears...)


The discipline really is a positive aspect. It teaches that if you don't do that, this happens, and vice versa.


Wait til she gets her uniform and becomes obsessed with ironing the right creases in and polishing up her boots to a glass shine... :wink:

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Let me see...


Gets you out of the house in to the fresh air

Meet new people who can become friends for life (See my above posting)

Gain new skills - like target shooting, camping, map reading, field cookery, survival tips, gliding, confidence courses,

Help improve your fitness

Engender discipline and self-discipline in to your life

Learn Drill (a great way to improve co-ordination)


But most of all.....



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Devon has just spent an hour straightening her hair ready for cadets tonight :roll:


I have looked at the local groups website & know she will be put off by the fact that the Cadets organise the Regatta parking IN FULL NAVEL UNIFORM during Henley week :lol:


Clare,does Rosie do Brownies or Rainbows yet?

My girls loved that :P


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i was in the GNTC (Girls Nautical Training Corp) as it was back in the early 70s.


I loved it except for the uniform - found the best way to clean the white of the hat was to use tooth paste.


Even if it is a thing your daughter is going through....great for her to try it out... its all character building.

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That's good. All these organisations are good as they create a sense of community and discipline along with having fun and the feeling of doing something worthwhile. It must be beneficial for our youngsters to be involved with things like this. :D Good for them! 8)

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