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I'm sure that most of you have caught references to the fact that I'm going to Devon on Saturday for the BHWT rescue with Buffie, Clare & Mel, and that I'm planning on coming back with more hens :D

My Easter present from hubby was going to me 2 new interesting egg laying hens, but around about the same time Buffie posted about the rescue. Well, we chatted about the rescue one evening and daughter interrupted quite forcefully, suggesting that it would be much more worthwhile getting ex-battery girls instead of fancy hybrids from a breeder, and that hit home.

So we're getting 3 ex-battery's on saturday, but they'll not be mine, they'll be Imy's, and for that reason I've said very little about them so far. It's her story to tell. She asked to set up a blog, she wants her school friends and family to see it, but she's agreed for me to tell you all about it. We've just started setting it up this evening, still quite a lot to do on it I think, but we'll try to spend some time getting it right on Sunday, when we hope to have a few photos to add too.

If you get a chance please check it out. It's www.Imogenhens.blogspot.com

she'd love some feedback :D

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Gosh you're clever Imy I haven't got anything going in my blog so i'm inspired.


The hens are special and that's what makes it so important that you are adoting them. So I can thank you from all at the BHWT oh and also a big thank you from the 20 million battery hens in cages, in the UK, as this publicity is helping them.



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Thanks all :D Imogen really appreciates all your lovely remarks. We're just about to add today's offerings. I've been working in the garden all day, she's been harrassing hens trying to get them to pose for photos. You can almost see them muttering at her to go away and leave them to destroy the garden in peace. Well, except for Phil that is.... who did actually pose quite beautifully :roll: But what do you expect from a diva :wink:

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