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Martin I pay 50p per kilo! Don't pay that amount again...It'd still work out cheaper for me to buy you some and send it!!

I have only ever brought it once and I am certain it will last me out their days: My two take hardly any. I have a spare peanut feeder which I filled up last summer. I just refilled it a couple of weeks ago!

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Pet shops generally try to...Not all though.


Last Summer at the Shepton Mallet show there was someone trying to sell a 1.5kg bag of pellets for 50p. We get ours for £5.15 for 25kg at Mole Valley.


Also if you go to somewhere like Mole Valley or Scats Country stores, you pay for chicken feed without VAT as it's livestock feed under the government.

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What is the difference between Grit and Oyster Shell? What are their properties?



grit aids chickens digestion - it sits in the gizzard to help grind up the food... I'd be surprised if you need to buy any of that - (I never have) - you have them on grass and you intend to free-range them - and you feed them pellets.. chickens don't really need grit to digest pellets - it doesn't need grinding. If your chickens were corn-fed - then they would need extra grit If they want some - they'll find enough around your garden.



crushed oyster shell is used to give extra calcium to help build egg-shell. You can buy sacks of it from animal feed stores for not very much - and it will last you a hundred years... I add a bit to their feeder every time I fill it...


the pellets do have calcium in them - but sometimes chickens need a little more...



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Can you lot say where you get it so *cheep*ly!


Can someone tell me what size grit is the right size for poultry. I went into a Pet Store in Stanmore today to get an idea about how much straw costs (Straw for Gerbils/Hamsters is £2.20)


I saw that they had Budgie/Pidgeon grit - which was tiny - it was Bob Martins product and about £1.80 - if anyone has a cat and buys the Bob Martin Litter Freshner then it is the same size tub.


Also, when you lot are mixing oyster powder (which I haven't found anywhere yet) how are you mixing in with food? Are you adding it to pellets or mash, and if its mash are you using mash dry or wet?


I need to know all this before I buy chooks.... I want to be prepared for it all.

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Only place i can find it around here is from one of the local pet shops thats been here for donkeys years.

I just ask for £2 worth every time i go and get about a carrier bag full.

I think that seems good value,but, with not having anywhere else to compare it with,i dont know?

I'm happy with it anyway. :D

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I don't know how much mine was :oops:


We went to the Country Store in Sawston (sells horse supplies, does shotgun repairs - real rural stuff! :) ), picked up a bag each of layers pellets, mixed corn and mixed grit (each about 2.5kg, at a rough guess) and a drum of poultry spice, and the bill came to under a tenner :)

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