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Meet Badger

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Hi all, I would like to introduce you all to the newest addition to my household, Badger:








He is a six week old Labrador cross, he arrived on Friday morning and is already attempting to create a path of destruction in the living room.



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Thanks guys, he is a cutie!


I think he is ok to be away from his mum, the breeder seemed very knowledgable and reassuring. Him and one of his brother were more advanced than the rest of the litter, much bigger and the mum wouldn't let the two of them anywhere near her even though she was fine with the smaller pups who the breeder said weren't ready to leave yet.


We know the lady who took his brother so will be taking him over for play dates and he will be visiting my mum's dogs regularly too (all up to date with jabs) so he is socialising with other dogs.

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Not sure what the Labrador was crossed with. The breeder blokie left his door open and turned away for a moment and his female Labrador was away out of the door looking for a man! She found one but he doesn't know who. We think maybe a Border Collie or Spaniel from his fur colour.


He is very mischievous and noisy and is determined to chew everything he can fit into his mouth. It is very tiring having to keep an eye on him all the time, but I love him to bits!!! :D


He also had given me the added bonus of somehow making my cool and detached aquarius boyfriend show emotions! He is now constantly smiling and laughing and talking about how cute Badger is. Man's best friend indeed!

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The house might survive, but I'm not sure my sanity will. He was kicking up a right fuss this morning cos I went back to bed instead of staying up and playing with him at 7am! Goodness knows what the neighbours must have thought we were doing to him!


Must go and have a nap.

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