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Martin B

Recipes for the chooks!

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My lot love tomatoes - give them a try, especially when you get cheap, squishy ones that are being sold cheap because they are going out of date!


Or apple and pear cores!

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Ours used to be scared of anything red :shock::?:lol::roll:

Will have to try again...


Ah...that would explain why my two acted so strangely when I tried to give them a slug munched strawberry yesterday. I put it in their dish of sweetcorn and it stopped them eating it. I didn't think anything could! They recovered their composure when nasty-evil-red-strawberry-thing didn't move, and polished off the sweetcorn, but the strawberry was still there this morning!

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Here is my girls favourite treat....


A few slices of grainy bread,whizzed to crumbs in the food processor.

Drench generously with either olive oil or plain bio yogurt.

Mix well,ensuring all the bread is well coated.

Throw in a handful of raisins,chopped cucumber,diced toms or whatever else you have knocking about & there you go.


I also made garlic spaghetti last week & they really,really enjoyed the leftovers from that :D

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