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Bone Crushingly bad

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I've just been told that my knee injury that ive had for 3 weeks, maybe the onset of a form of joint bone disease. im off for 2 weeks so 5 in all. :(

Now im so worried. i have pain in wrists and knee some of the time, but ive been told i have to wait for xray appt to come thru and gotta do a blood test to see if its degenatory (sp?).:twisted: :twisted:


im only 26 i feel like 90, and i thought i was doing so well making all those yummy goodies yesterday. now i feel like poo. :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:


OH has ordered zimmer frame and wheelchair for yule...sigh... oh for a bit of sympathy all I get is sarcasm


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Oh,you poor thing,you must be feeling everso fragile & in need of some attention from your other half :?


All I can say is please try to remain positive,don't worry about the other pains too much if you can.Difficult I know,but please try not to worry.


You are still young & I am sure that there must be plenty of treatments available to you,should the test results be not so good.


Good vibes coming your way :P:P:P

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So sorry to hear of your worries!

Its awful not knowing what's going on isn't it?

Telling you not to worry is useless I know, but I just want you to know that we're all thinking of you and hope that your x-ray appointment comes through soon and your worries can at least be allayed or met.

Whatever the outcome, I am sure there will be solutions!

Try to focus on today, not next week or next month. Do something nice today for yourself!

Cyber hugs


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Fleata, I've been going through a similar thing if it's any help, and lost alot of movement in my left ankle :evil: before I did anything about it :roll:


Do try to stay positive I know it's hard, but medication if you need it it so much better now than it ever was.


Definately treat yourself whilst off work :D


Sending some healing vibes


karen x

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Fleata, this is DEFINATELY the time to be treating yourself, and online shopping is just perfect for that!


When I had some health problems over Christmas and New Year, I made a bit of a dent in the 'rainy day' fund, a lot of it online......


Can I suggest you pop over to LUSH and get some smellies.....


Take care xx

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Oh I'm sorry to hear your news but you don't know the full details yet so keep your chin up. I was told I'd lose the ability to walk years ago when I was misdiagnosed with ME and I was actually anorexic. :roll: I believe in positive thinking so perhpas you can think positively, wait for a diagnosis and then let us help in any way we can.


Thinking of you,



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Fleata, just to add my good wishes to those above. I've got every sympathy with you. You're probably at one of the hardest stages - not actually knowing what's going on exactly and therefore what your plan of action might be.


Distraction is an excellent idea - online shopping, sitting in the garden with your girls, reading Practical Poultry :oops: whatever floats your boat! Like Buffie said, positive thinking is empowering - conversely the worry and fear of negativity is very draining.


Here's hoping you get a proper diagnosis very soon so you can move forward. :)


Good luck



xx PS perhaps your OH could take you out for a nice meal tonight?! :wink:

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fleata, keep your chin up. I know it all seems bleak now, but it will all come out in the wash eventually.


I'm with the others - while mum was dying I spent money like water - retail therapy IS a therapy. The tap is turned off now, by the way, before hub makes me bankrupt! :?

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Thanks everyone for your support, shoppong sounds like a good idea,. nut im not sure ill have a job at the end of this. Yet another worry... As i will have had 5 weeks off.


ill keep my chin up and sit watching the hens potter around the run

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Oh Tracey, I am sorry you are feeling unhappy. :( It is frustrating not knowing what you are dealing with, but, like Sarah says, you are very young and there are a whole host of treatments for all sorts of conditions. Keep your positive-thinking hat on :D and keep us posted when you have your test results.


Wishing you well.



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Sorry to hear your news Tracey

I think the waiting period for tests can be the worst - all the horrid things it can be churn round in your mind - but hopefully it will turn out to be very treatable.


Try not to worry about your job - the law is there to protect you

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