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Hope everyones weekend was as great as mine !

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Devon was away at Sea cadets camp all weekend,so I got to spend lots of time just with Cleo.

When you have your second child,you never seem to spend time alone with them,so that was a real treat.


The weather was gorgeous,& today we went to The Beale Park in Pangbourne, where we saw a sow about to give birth,some japanese Bantams,baby owls & baby ducklings :D


My family were very impressed when at the petting zoo I pointed to some chickens & said with great authority "THATS a Buff Orpington" :lol:


So,I hope you all had a good a weekend as I did - especially those at the meet :P:P:P

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oh no was the meet this weekend :(


I had a fabulous weekend. yesturday we had a giant bbq party for my Boyfs 27th. I made such a huge feast that there are still tonnes of leftovers!


today i was doing the mass clearup while Si competed in the yonex badminton championships. the rest of the day i have been lounging in the garden / hammock :)


chickens have been gorging on the leftovers of yesturday :)

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I passed theough Henley on Thames this morning Sarah - I took part in the Round Table Three Counties Cycle Ride (I did the 30 mile route)

My legs are a little sore to say the least.


Aha - Bradders, they went right past my house :P

I wonder if it was you that I buzzed in my car :lol::lol::lol:

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Cinnamon - hows Devon getting on with the Cadets? Still interested?


Yes,she seems to love it.

Its beyond me - I would have rebelled against the discipline myself,but I reckon it won't do her any harm.


She had a great weekend camping by the river.They were there for 3 days,all meals included for £10,which is brilliant!

She came home all beached blonde & tanned from the sun :lol:

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Beale Park is lovely Cinnamon :D I organised our company summer social there a couple of years ago and they were very helpful.


They have done a lot of work there since I was there a couple of years ago Clare,& it is a vast improvement.


It was lovely - spotlessly clean,shaded walks,lovely lakes,big Picnic lawns,kids paddling pools.........maybe a good place for an Omlet meet one day?


( & I know how to get to Beale park ) :lol:

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Glad she's enjoying it. sounds like she could be in for the long haul then! Well, until they do a camp in less than clement weather (I still have shivers of dread on cold windy nights, thinking about all those freezing, wet weekends...) 8)

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We had a great time at the get together, but also bought a new TV on Saturday! The previous one was 20 years old, and had an awful picture, but we didnt feel we could get rid of it till it broke down! When it did so during the week it was cause for great celebration!:lol:


New TV is digital and very nice! Much better picture - will have to try not to watch any more now!:wink:


Very expensive though! :(

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