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Practical Poultry..am I in?

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I can't get into MK until sunday and wondered if anyone gets PP or has it on subscription can you let me know if I'm in it please, under the BHWT profile bit. :wink:


I was told it would be the august edition and Andy from BHWT took a pic at the rescue (I hope he did alot of photoshop on it too or you'll see me in a very different light :wink::lol: )




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That was good thinking Kate - my copy arrived yesterday too and I was really excited to see our Buffie in it. I did wonder how we could get it on the forum.


Buffie you look super! A good choice of top in the end too! Very natural, you look like a proper hen mummy!


Now I can say I know someone famous. Do let us know when the envelope opening ceremony takes place won't you :wink:

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Ha ha ha Gina, :wink: nice to have you around to take the micky :wink::lol::lol:


Yes this is the everyday me without too much poop for a change. I will cherish this copy as it brings back happy memories of devon.


Envelopes at the ready :lol::lol::lol:



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