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.........I'm writing this as an excuse for a rest, boy did I struggle with that cardboard box - wouldn't fit through the living room door and so I now have a six inch corridor through the kitchen!!


But still - my purple eglu - it's lovely :lol:


The only question now is what to do with it until my chickens arrive in September :?:


At the moment it's taking pride of place in the middle of the living room floor and the cats are definately interested in a take over.


All suggestions welcome but I thought maybe chuck some ice cubes in the poop tray and use it as a beer cooler :!:

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Ours arrived a week before we were due to collect our chickens, so we built it up in the garden, admired it for a while then promptly phoned the breeder and asked if we could collect the girls the next day, rather than wait the week.


She obliged, and the next day we had 2 chickens in residence!

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Laura, I'm so excited and pleased for you! The purple eglu is just gorgeous and I would love one too! Perhaps I can visit YOUR chickens when they arrive? :P

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